yourPRstrategist Named Best Boutique Media Relations Consultancy (SG) in Technology Innovator…

yourPRstrategist Named Best Boutique Media Relations Consultancy (SG) in Technology Innovator Awards (UK)

yourPRstrategist believes a business backed by good PR can make an impact not just within its industry but on the world.

Singapore — PR consultancy yourPRstrategist is proud to announce it has won “Best Boutique Media Relations Consultancy — Singapore” at the 2020 Technology Innovator Awards.

A media relations consultancy specialising in the blockchain, crypto and emerging tech industries, yourPRstrategist is committed to building, expanding and protecting a firm’s branding by utilizing the most relevant channels of communications today.

yourPRstrategist is incredibly honored to have been acknowledged alongside commendable tech innovators such as DigiGround “Best Web & Mobile App Development”, Qitana “Web Developer of the Year”and Innovolo Ltd “Most Innovative Product Development”, to name a few.

Thanking clients, partners and supporters for making this possible, founder of yourPRstrategist, Cecilia Wong states:

“Being passionate about the technologies we promote has played a core role in the success of our tech journeys with clients. We genuinely love supporting technologies that enhance and empower societies and individuals, especially those that promote decentralization and improve access and equity for all.”

“Staying boutique is important too,” she adds. “For us, this translates into having close working relationships with our clients as we partner them every step of the way on their PR journeys.”

Hosted by Corporate Vision, the Technology Innovator Awards is an annual competition that recognizes businesses for doing “truly great things” within the technology industry. Winners are decided by a combination of votes from Corporate Vision’s network of industry partners as well as rigorous in-house research which scrutinizes nominees by “examining their performance over the past 12 months, commitment to innovations, their methods and (even) their competition”.

“Now in its sixth year, the Technology Innovator Awards has grown to encompass a plethora of businesses to showcase their individual achievements and successes in the technology sphere,” said Awards Coordinator, Natalie Farrell, who took a moment to discuss the success of those recognised in this year’s awards.

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