You are one skill away from being rich

One skill is what you need to become financially free

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Many people don’t even know that one skill that once you master it you can use it to get out of debt and be financially free. That’s because they only know one thing they rather spend on luxurious stuff like apple ear-pods instead of books.

You see there is a skill that separates the riches from the poor and the middle class, and that one skill is what you can use in the long-run.

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To start off, let's say you’re a writer but you’re in debt and struggling financially. What specific skill that you are lacking, right now?

Don’t know what that is? Here I’ll give you another example;

You love to cook fried shrimp and everyone loves your shrimp. However, there is one person in your neighborhood that also cooks shrimp,but he/she is earning $5000 a month from that. The question what makes he/she different from you?

Give up?

the answer is: “The Ability to Sell”

You see, what makes rich people different from the poor and middle class, is that they know how to sell and market their products.

If you’re a Writer and you are very passionate about it and then someday you decided to go big. The one skill that you must possess first in order to fulfill your goal is the ability to “sell” if you can master that you can use it in the long-run. You can start by starting a Blog or publishing your very first book, or if you are a Fitness enthusiast you can sell your knowledge about fitness by starting your own YouTube channel, creating online courses, e-book, and tons of ideas you can use to profit from your skills and your passion.

It’s not bad to profit from your skills and passion as long as you are delivering something-of-value to the people and you are not scamming them.

So, if you are struggling financially and don’t know what to do to address that issue. What are you very passionate about? If you love to cook, start your own blog, YouTube channel, or masterclass. Everyone is good at something you just haven’t try everything yet, maybe you’re good at graphic designing but you still haven’t unlocked that skill yet. Because didn’t even bother trying it.

If you want to be rich, go find what you’re good at, and then master the art of selling.

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