Will Bitcoin Be $100,000 This Time Next Year?

S2F says that bitcoin will hit $100,000 in August 2021. Is that actually possible?

It’s mid-August 2020 and bitcoin is jumping in price. Right now on August 17, 2020, coinmarketcap.com puts bitcoin’s price in USD at $12,270.27. According to the bitcoin stock-to-flow model, however, bitcoin will reach an incredible price of $100,000 USD. Is this actually possible?

Crypto Twitter is abuzz this week with bitcoin jumping in price, several altcoins continuing to surge, and Warren Buffett buying gold. Age-old debates are being renewed, excitement is in the air, and even El Presidente Dave Portnoy is playing a bit of a bitcoin character after his meeting with the Winklevoss twins. The bitcoin bulls are out in full force.

Crypto Twitter Is Bullish on Bitcoin

This comes as no surprise. Everyone loves a good pump at the price. Is this recent pump sustainable? For the moment, it feels like $12,000 is acting as a line of support for bitcoin. Cointelegraph analysis sees a failure to sustain the price here leading toward a drop back to around $11,400.

Forget the short-term bitcoin price though and let’s talk long-term or mid-term, whatever one year from now is technically considered. In bitcoin time, a year from now feels like a lifetime away…

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Stock-To-Flow Puts Bitcoin at $100,000

Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow model sees the world’s largest cryptocurrency hitting $100,000 in USD by this time in 2021. If you’re familiar with crypto influencer PlanB, then you’re probably familiar with the stock-to-flow model. If you’re not, then check out this article we did on PlanB.

In short, a stock-to-flow model evaluates the stock of a commodity against the flow of new production. Bitcoin is ripe for analysis with a stock-to-flow lens. On twitter, Bit Harrington put us onto the fact that we’ve officially reached one year out from a potential $100,000 bitcoin as of August 16, 2020.

What Will You Do If Bitcoin Hits $100,000?

While reading all of the takes on bitcoin’s recent rise in price and upcoming price predictions, Louis Thomas caught our attention and discussed the potential $100,000 bitcoin on his YouTube channel. It makes you think — what will you do if bitcoin reaches $100,000?

Do you have a plan for when bitcoin reaches $100,000? Or, even $15,000 in the short-term, $25,000, or $50,000? If you don’t have a plan, then you may want to take a step back and consider making one.

If you think crypto trading is crazy right now, just wait for a $100,000 bitcoin. If we do in fact see a 10X in price between now and this time next year, a lot of people will be taking a lot of actions related to their cryptocurrency portfolios in ways we’ve never seen before. You can have a plan though, and you might want to make one if you don’t have one yet.

It’s one thing if you’re a HODLer. Just sit back and enjoy the wild ride that is coming, either this year and sometime soon. Keep calm and HODL. But if you don’t plan to HODL and leave your bitcoin as is, you need to consider the reality that bitcoin could see a sharp spike in price in the near term.

It’s Not $100,000 Bitcoin or Bust

Even though stock-to-flow and other bitcoin predictions see a $100,000 bitcoin next year or soon, that doesn’t mean that it’s $100K or bust. A lot can and will happen between now and such a high bitcoin price. The next test we could see in the short-term is $15,000. There will be A LOT of trading action if bitcoin does hit $15,000 in the next few weeks or even months.

August 2021 is also just what S2F currently predicts for bitcoin’s price. Other predictions, not necessarily based on any model, came from people like Anthony Pompliano, also known as Pomp, who see bitcoin reaching $100,000 but a little bit later in December 2021. Pomp and others, like Kay Van-Petersen, think a $100,000 bitcoin is entirely possible in the short-term.

Bitcoin Is Surging, What’s Next?

$100,000 price predictions aside, bitcoin is surging right now. Bulls are eyeing $13,000 and beyond, possibly $15,000 after that. Bears could see $11,400 and below if the bitcoin price fails to sustain current $12,000 support. What’s next for you and your cryptocurrency portfolio though? If you haven’t thought about it, go ahead and do that now. Don’t let the FOMO of a bull run make you panic or the FUD of a bear run do the same. Have a plan, do some research, and keep an eye on what’s happening with bitcoin.



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