UNICAP Crypto Exchange-Traded Fund (CETF) & DeFi ecosystem

Сollateralized Swap Token UCAP

UNICAP.Finance project is a profitable and transparent crypto exchange-traded fund (CETF) with DeFi ecosystem (DeFi Bank). The project is a development by FINEXPO and currently has a total value of $252,686 locked into the protocol and targeted capitalization of 500 million dollars.

Investors can earn a stable income by creating a crypto fund that serves as a collective investment. They swap their crypto for the native token UCAP, which the project offers in exchange for a user’s investment on UNICAP.

A crypto exchange-traded fund (CETF) is a type of fund and exchange-traded product, i.e. they are traded on crypto exchanges. CETF are similar in many ways to mutual funds, except that CETF are bought and sold throughout the 24 hours on crypto exchanges. Swap yours crypto assets to token ERC20 — UCAP

The total supply of UCAP capped at 100M tokens will be allocated in three pre-sale swap levels, followed by a multi-tiered sale. The token price increases by $0.1 on every next level and will rise from $1 in pre-sale swap level 1 to $20 by the end of the token allocation.


Investors on UNICAP can take part in decentralized finance through the project’s DeFi Bank. This feature is a crypto deposit and loan protocol that supports deposit, withdrawal, and borrowing, and paying at any time.

UNICAP DeFi Bank leverages smart contracts deployed on a blockchain to facilitate quick and easy borrowing once a user provides the appropriate collateral. Crypto owners can also obtain returns for depositing their assets in the smart contract.

The DeFi Bank protocol automatically sets a loan quota that determines the maximum token amount investors can lend on the contract.

For borrowers, the smart contract monitors their loan and seizes the user’s assets for liquidation once the borrowed amount exceeds the limited ratio of its collateral. Arbitrageurs, however, are permitted to call the liquidation contract and replace seized digital assets for a discount.

UNICAP DeFi bank users can lend a wide array of stablecoins and tokens at collateral rates ranging from 120%-150% and liquidation discount of 95%. The collateral rates and liquidation discounts differ depending on the market cap, liquidity, and price stability of the digital asset in question.

DeFi Bank Interest Rate Module

UNICAP DeFi Bank adopts an algorithm-driven interest rate model. The smart contract monitors the changes in the relationship between token supply and demand. It then adjusts factors such as the total size of loans and the amount of fund supply, ensuring that the loan pool develops and increases healthily.

When the lending amount locked in the loan pool is low, the algorithm raises the loan interest rate slowly to encourage borrowing. And when the lending volume is high or close to saturation, loan interest rates go up quickly. This rapid increase in the lending rate boosts the deposit interest rate and encourages lenders to deposit more funds to the loan pool.

The annual deposit interest rate ranges from 5% to 20% and is determined by the yearly lending interest rate and usage rate. The DeFi Bank’s smart contract specifies the maximum amount of a specific token that investors can lend in the contract/page.

Join The UNICAP Crypto Exchange-Traded Fund & DeFi Ecosystem Today

The innovative UNICAP DeFi Bank offers investors an opportunity to earn additional profit from their inactive crypto assets. These funds provide liquidity to lending pools where borrowers can access quick loans. Interested investors can join the UNICAP platform by opening a Personal Account at https://invest.unicap.finance.

In case of any queries on the UNICAP Fund DeFi ecosystem, send a request to the project team at /">.

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