Tycoon Token Shop: Introducing the TYC Crowdsale

Tycoon presents you a chance to profit from its crowdsale amidst a global pandemic. With the Tycoon online token shop opening, Tycoon offers opportunities for every investor in the market, hoping for a significant contribution from you.

Recently, Tycoon completed their tokens pre-sale while adding final touches to the project at hand. The company realizes the rising necessity of digital finance and financial technology to create doorways to a successful investment and maximization of your income. It has been working endlessly for the past 2 years to have the token ready before listing.

Why Tycoon should be Your Priority

The need for investing in cryptocurrencies is steadily rising in the crypto space, with users looking forward to maximizing their earnings. Tycoon, a tokenized platform, allows users to realize their potential with the start of their crowdsales.

Shareholders and investors can purchase as many tokens as possible via the Tycoon Token Shop. The crypto market experiences unpredictable events, therefore, users who wish to transform their assets to crypto can do so easily on the Tycoon platform.

The TYC token functions the same way as a currency, ultimately rewarding users with profits and discounts on fees. The ecosystem lies on a two-layered security system that comes with other security protocols including, KYC verifications, email verifications, and eliminating any form of illegitimate market handling by traders. All these algorithms are necessary to protect the users and create a safe ecosystem to trade in.

In case you are a newbie in crypto investment, worry no more about losses and other mistakes. The Tycoon platform offers you an option to copy the styles of pro traders on the platform. Likewise, you get rid of any third party involvement.

They further make your work easier by ranking traders according to classification algorithms; hence, following them on the platform is straightforward. As a follower, you are free to move on the platform anonymously.

Participate in the Crowdsale Now

TYC is an ERC-20 token, only available on the Tycoon token online shop. The token will be the basis of all activities on the Tycoon platform. The security protocol put in place, assures you of a private and secure period in all your endeavours there.

As they always say, the early bird catches the worm. There are 140 million TYC tokens to circulate the market selling at $0.10. Involving yourself in the fresh crowdsale allows you to get a 10% bonus on the token sale. Any future transactions like connection fees or profit shares will be subject to a 25% discount on transaction fees. The token facilitates an early access for the best user experience before anyone else.

Get a greater chance to earn more through the referral system. The most exciting thing is that you refer as many people as you wish and grab yourself a 15% extra on the TYC tokens on your purchase. Moreover, if you get followers on the platform, you benefit from their returns without having to actively manage the process.

Tycoon: The Future of Assets

Tycoon prides itself as an entire social crypto trading platform, protecting your assets, and making your experience as effortless as possible. It provides a bridge between successful traders and learning users. The platform watches closely every activity by traders through an API connection and can automatically display on a follower’s folder. Furthermore, a user can automatically copy their assets’ portfolio to their preferred exchange accounts for easier investments management.

Additionally, users can split their investments into various traders to facilitate the utilization of their folders, and make use of their investments on different exchange platforms. Tycoon aims to implement the benefits of other cryptos to offer you an unbeatable platform for your crypto investments.

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