Turkish Real Estate Company Successfully Sells Houses for Crypto

By Marko Vidrih on The Capital

Turkish real estate company Antalya Homes has announced that its customers will now be able to pay for the property indicated on its website using cryptocurrencies.

On June 15, Antalya Homes said it recorded the highest level of real estate sales for bitcoins in Turkey.

The company says such changes have occurred because of the coronavirus pandemic. More precisely, Antalya Homes offered virtual tours to real estate and added support for bitcoin on its website. Chairman of the company Bayram Texe explained:

“In the sale of a villa in Antalya, we recorded visuals of the house with a drone and did an online viewing tour with the customer. Then, we brought the buyer and the seller together on an online meeting and finalized the negotiations. Antalya Homes brokered the payments with Bitcoin. This sale, worth of 1 million 250 thousand dollars, was the highest valued property sales ever made by Bitcoin in Turkey”

On its website, Antalya Homes also introduced payment options using XRP, BCH, BTG, USDT, XLM, LTC and ETH.


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