Top 10 Tricks to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe

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Are you keen on creating Bitcoin portfolio, then one of the key things that you need to consider is having a Bitcoin wallet. You may find many options, but when it comes to using a Bitcoin wallet, then you must also know how to keep Bitcoin wallet safe.

10 tips and tricks to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe:

  1. Prefer hardware walletРThere are different types of wallets available, but when it comes to choosing the safest one, then you must consider hardware wallet. It is perfect for those who have concerns regarding cyber threats. Companies like Trezor and ledger offer USB-like decides which comes equipped with encryption features that can only be accessed with the private key.
  2. Keep the private key offline- Another way to keep your Bitcoin wallet protected is by keeping the private key offline, i.e., you can pen down the key on the paper, and keep it in a safe place.
  3. Keep a check on the internetРAnother impact aspect that you must not ignore is that you must have a safe internet connection. If you have a Bitcoin wallet on your laptop, then you must connect your laptop with the public network.
  4. Switch to advanced antivirus system- One of the key aspects you must not undermine is the antivirus software of your system. Windows are prone to wider malware and other malicious programs. So, if you are using a Windows operating system, then you must consider installing an advanced antivirus system.
  5. Neve clicks on the suspicious link- Beware of your malicious internet activity. You may sometimes encounter fishy links; these are malware that can hack into your system and corrupt all the information. Make sure that you sue an identical URL address and if you are using an online wallet where you are required to enter a private key, then make sure that you check the URL and verify that it is safe.
  6. Never share private key- Irrespective of the trust level, you must never share the private key to third-party. Ignore sharing private key is a strict no.
  7. Make use of strong passwordРAnother key aspect that you need to take into account is that the passwords that you use for the private key are strong. It must be a mix of numbers and alphabets, make use of case-sensitive letters along with special characters to keep it strong and unique.
  8. Never share the private key- Irrespective of the trust level, you must never share the private key with anyone.
  9. Use two-factor authentication- One of the easiest ways to keep the wallet safe is by using two-factor authentication. It nullifies any type of threat.
  10. Backup of digital wallet- Having a backup of digital wallet can keep your asset safe. In case you lose the wallet, or your device fails to perform, then you can use this digital wallet backup. Make sure that you keep the backup at a safe place, and you can easily restore it.


With these basic tips, you can ensure the safety of your cryptocurrency wallet. For more such interesting news, connect with Blockchain Council today.

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