The Missing Link Between TradingView and Crypto Exchanges

PalmaExecutor provides the possibility of integration for any 3rd party trading system that provides alerts for strategies or signals for 40+ exchanges (and counting) and over 5000 trading pairs.

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Crypto Exchange Industry Revolution

Well, there’s no doubt that the crypto exchange industry has undergone tremendous evolution, especially in recent years, thanks to technological advancements. An array of automation aspects has been developed to help both budding and established crypto investors make informed as well as safe decisions swiftly and effortlessly.

Even better, gone are the days when the investors/traders in the trading industry had to rely on brokerage house process. Today, they can simply access crypto exchanges directly, thanks to reliable and highly intuitive platforms such as TradingView and PalmaBot even easier.

Why TradingView?

Talking of TradingView, it’s the champion of independence in the crypto trading space, helping even the small traders with little experience earn decently from their trading activities.

The 50 Million monthly active TradingView users have access to technical analysis tools with automated possibilities including charting, technical indicators, strategies and alerts. Being the largest chart provider, TradingView offers zillions of price analysis and price prediction possibilities for crypto, among other currency markets.

Most of the active users on TradingView are frequently trying to do price predictions and doing backtesting to assess the effectiveness of their strategy. To address the needs, the platform offers webhook to be called as soon as an alert triggers. Alert can be set within a user’s strategy and that’s how the platform is able to offer infinite possibilities. Besides, the platform’s social feature facilitates organic and exponential communication of crucial information to help the users maximize their earnings from their crypto exchanges.

A Missing Link

Despite TradingView offering infinite trade possibilities and conveniences, there’s still a missing link between it and crypto exchanges. TradingView users want to execute a trade strategy. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer that.

As a result, a significant number of TradingView traders still struggle in trade execution. Why? Because they have to use the mobile app or web platform of the relevant crypto exchanges. That’s truly an inconvenience that needs to be addressed to make the entire trading process as hassle-free as possible under one roof. It’s not only time-consuming but also makes a trader miss out on lots of opportunities. Full connectivity, a service on which some brokerage houses capitalize on, is truly necessary.

PalmaExecutor as the Ultimate Solution

The good news is that full connectivity between TradingView and crypto exchanges has become a reality, courtesy of through PalmaExecutor. The key benefits that PalmaExecutor offers to crypto traders include:

  • One-click trade execution for alert-triggered predefined trades

PalmaExecutor uses a simple but highly intuitive webhook technology to connect a TradingView alert, indicator or strategy. This connectivity is widely compatible with any webhook enabled system where you can find, for example: Coinalyze and CoinMarketAlert with their indicators and alerts. Therefore, it means that a trader can simply connect a strategy, alert and also predefine a trade. Besides, this innovative trade execution tool allows instant trade execution with just a click as soon as a trader receives alert/signal/strategy notifications directly to Telegram. So, this easy to use chatbot app allows you to easily manage and control your trades even on mobile.

  • Trade execution automation with DEMO

That’s not all; you can even automate the trade execution so that you don’t have to click on anything at all. What else could you need for an effortless and super-swift crypto trade execution on the go? Indeed, PalmaExecutor got you fully covered.

Crypto trading is a very sensitive affair. Before you adopt a trading tool, it’s advisable that you have some experience with it beforehand. Considering this, PalmaBot offers you a PalmaExecutor DEMO mode in freemium to enable you to have hands-on experience with the tool before you decide to set up a real account with actual currency. The digital trade executor’s risk-free demo mode offers you one demo bitcoin for the experiment.

After you create a custom strategy at your preferred TradingView alert, and perhaps back-test it, you can then connect PalmaExecutor to the alert. Then, you can execute strategies in DEMO mode without any risk whatsoever. Furthermore, you can set up a real account funded with actual currency once you are satisfied with the experiment. Thankfully, this executor is extremely easy to use — connecting alerts can’t be easier.


Another great thing about PalmaExecutor is that it doesn’t store your API keys. Simply set up your API access, store APIs to your local storage on your device.

PalmaExecutor has moved from just chatting with AI to become a more super-intelligent and ultra-efficient digital assets trading execution platform. PalmaBot team is welcoming any crypto business that wants to scale up its services and customer experiences to the highest levels possible.

Additionally, the integration will translate to an increased number of subscribers for the businesses as a result of improved user experience. Who doesn’t want access to a tool that connects and automates their winning strategies, and enables easy management of the same on the go? So, this is a solution that TradingView and similar platforms and their users should not let slide.

If you would like your trading system to reach for a PRO level service and be in the company of TradingView, check your possibilities for PalmaBot’s open PalmaExecutor certification.

The benefits for traders

  • Get reliable maker fee trade executor (40+ exchanges and over 5000 trading pairs)
  • Easy to connect (no developer skill needed)
  • Built-In Real-Time strategy testing tool (PalmaDEMO)
  • Zero Data App (no users personal data) with complete privacy
  • Mobile Banking Security guidelines (OWASP, HTTPS)


Did we hear you say that you want to take your crypto trading business a notch higher? Great!

Make your dream come true with PalmaExecutor trading experience. To try for yourself this unique trading experience; let it be with TradingView alerts, indicators, or strategies. Then,

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