The Enterprise Blockchain Awards Finalist for Entrepreneurship: Randy Knutson

Randy Knutson, DynaQuest CEO and Founder was named as a finalist by the Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBA) 2020 that is organized by Blockchain Revolution Global.

Knutson, a certified Blockchain Expert is a finalist under the category of Blockchain Leadership for Entrepreneurship. Known for his expertise in enterprise IT governance, applications of emerging technology and designing inclusive economies, Randy is most passionate when creating solutions that incorporate tech-driven innovations to uplift the state of local economies and livelihood.

In lieu of the recognition, “It is both humbling and inspiring to be recognized and be part of a global collective that are working in parallel to transform industries with Blockchain’s application,” said Randy.

About EBA

Presented by the Blockchain Revolution Global, the Enterprise Blockchain Award recognizes the breakthroughs and excellence of companies, organizations and leaders in the development and application of Blockchain technology in transforming industries.

The awards and ceremony will be held virtually on July 7, 2020 7PM EST Toronto ON time zone.

About DynaQuest

Established in 2012, DynaQuest started as a BPO and IT specialized solutions provider and with the strategic leadership of Randy Knutson, the company repositioned into the emerging technologies market where the company would later be recognized as an award-winning Blockchain solutions provider, winning awards such as APAC CIO OUTLOOK’s ‘2019 Top Blockchain Solutions Provider in Asia — Pacific’, BLOCONOMIC’s ‘Top Blockchain Achiever Award’ and Enterprise Security Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Information Security on Access and Management’.

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