The Cryptonomist acquires The Crypto Merch and donates revenue to charity

The magazine is the owner of a platform where it is possible to buy crypto merchandising, obviously paying also in cryptocurrencies.

Switzerland, August 6th, 2020 — The Cryptonomist today officially announces the acquisition of the ecommerce ​The Crypto Merch​.

The platform allows buying t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, tank tops, household items, and much more, all crypto-themed. Of course, among the available payment methods, there are credit cards, PayPal but also many cryptocurrencies including ​Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Zilliqa (ZIL) but also pTokens (PNT) and Dash​.

The last two have been integrated recently, following our acquisition, representing one of the first novelties implemented by The Cryptonomist.

The merch of Dash, Eidoo and The Cryptonomist is here

Another news is that The Cryptonomist put on sale the merchandising of Dash, Eidoo, pTokens and of course also The Cryptonomist.

Regarding Eidoo and pTokens, The Crypto Merch is the only platform where it is possible to find their merch, which is also the case for all products with The Cryptonomist logo. Every week The Cryptonomist promises to add new products and new companies.

If companies want to have The Crypto Merch sell their merchandise or accept their crypto as a payment method it is possible to ​contact The Cryptonomist here​.

Dash supports Venezuela

A few days ago Dash Nation and Dash Italia started a ​charity campaign supporting Venezuela​. Hence, The Cryptonomist decided that until August 16th inclusive, 50% of the profits from the sale of all Dash’s merchandising will go to charity to contribute to this initiative.

It will obviously be possible to buy Dash clothing and objects using the Dash cryptocurrency, but even if it is bought in fiat, the proceeds will still go to charity.

The Crypto Merch and Zilliqa

But the news doesn’t end here. Zilliqa recently announced its first-ever NFT contest at their ZIL-3 town hall event with 4 limited edition, redeemable cards powered by Mintable.

So The Cryptonomist is thrilled to support contest winners redeem their cards for select merch items from the store ​for the next two weeks​.

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