The Best Platform for Social Media and Finance Services in 2020

The social media space is a rapidly evolving one. Innovations keep popping up the different platforms’ production lines. These aim at improving user experiences or responding to the inadequacies of the available media. One such recent innovation is Stratus Social Media Ecosystem. Coming right off Apollo Fintech’s stable, it promises to reconfigure the face of social media as we know it.

From the onset, Stratus sets out to differentiate itself from the alternatives. For instance, it uses blockchain technology, a concept the rest of the field is yet to warm up to. Additionally, it intends to uphold the rights to free expression and create an easily maneuverable ecosystem of differentiated but linked platforms. This document examines the structure and functioning of Stratus.

Structuring Stratus

Looking at Stratus in-depth reveals a system of hubs. Each of these is tailor made for a specific function. The hubs constituting Stratus include:

  • The local Hub is Facebook’s replacement. Here you interact with your circle. In it, you’ll find these features: friends nearby, chat, voice, and video calls. Share stories and get notifications on your contacts’ activities.
  • Global Hub is for those inclined to communicate in a few characters. One also gets a peek of the major stories around them.
  • Ad hub tells the market story. Get to know the opening and closing rates, market trends, and projections.
  • Video hub -is a rich store of videos for one’s entertainment. Additionally, it has trending videos and live tv. You can also subscribe to favorite video channels.
  • Photo Hub is your private photo repository. Relive memories in stunning photos uploaded to your storyline.
  • Blog hub has articles on areas of interest. One can pen their pieces and share them.
  • The market hub is where buyers and sellers engage in transactions. It takes the chore out of buying and selling.
  • The Wallet function has a universal fiat wallet and a second Apollo wallet. Pay for products and services, give tips, and contribute to charity.

Protecting Freedom Of Expression

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Despite this, users of social media in certain countries are, at times, gagged. Their governments crackdown on social media to silence dissent, some of which could be legitimate. The platforms have also come under fire for instituting in-house censorship. They influence what users post and pursue different standards of regulations for other people.

The platform administrators at Stratus will not censor content unless it contravenes the law, for example, spreading hate, misinformation, indecency, and harassment. Secondly, Apollo’s blockchain hosts Stratus. It can withstand the most advanced firewalls. Similarly, using end to end encryption affords users greater control over their social media use.

Assuring User Security

For many social media users, security is a concern. Hackings of platforms and individual accounts are commonplace. Phishing attempts, malware sharing, and botnet attacks are rising by the day. These activities are indiscriminate. A case in point is the recent mass hacking on Twitter. They disrupt services, expose personal information, execute scams and sully reputations.

Apollo’s blockchain hosting Stratus is impenetrable and incorruptible. It’s Quantum resistant and uses end to end encryption, securing exchanges. Additionally, Stratus will rigorously vet new accounts to weed out fakes. The blockchain is a further deterrent as it eases tracing and provides evidence of illegal activity.

The platforms on the ecosystem are stand-alone. Each platform allows the user to create a unique presence. Furthermore, both wallets on it have robust encryption guaranteeing safe transactions

Guaranteeing User Privacy

Social media usage leaves an extensive digital footprint. There are reservations regarding the accessibility of personal information by administrators and other users of a platform. These fears surround the storage, re-use and third-party access to private data

It’s undeniable that social media companies collect user data. On registration, one provides personal details, including date of birth, and location. Many platforms deploy technology that tracks a user’s online behavior. Often, this happens without the user’s consent. Users may unwittingly oblige the media to share their data. They then share this with third parties, such as advertisers. It explains why relatable ads keep popping up their timelines.

Apollo guarantees that it will adopt a different revenue model. It won’t sell user data to build revenue but will encourage uptake by allowing access to services simply, cheaply, and conveniently.

Achieving Mass Adoption

In developing Stratus, Apollo incorporated a payments solution. The embedded universal fiat and Apollo wallets enable one to transact with others easily.

Stratus connects to Apollo’s Knox World Pay, the company’s replacement for Bitcoin’s Lightning network. Using Database Sharding and two-second blocks, Knox will enable anyone to send Bitcoins (BTC) in 1–2 seconds. It also allows transactions in BTC via SMS. This way, many can transact using their feature phones.

Additionally, the network will employ agents across the globe. These will be available even in the most disconnected villages. The public can buy and trade in BTC through them. Merchants will have a point of sale tool accepting payments in BTC via SMS.

Incorporating Apollo Cash within the ecosystem also helps push the mass adoption of crypto. Apollo Cash makes payments convenient and accessible to all. They can be sent or received via SMS or NFC cards.

Those with smartphones and internet access have the option of using either a dedicated mobile app, desktop app, or QR code to transact. Peers can send or receive funds online, offline, and on almost any device.


Social media continues to evolve. Existing platforms keep on improving their products. At the same time, new entrants keep emerging with a bid to enhance the market offering. Stratus Social Media Ecosystem is one such newbie. Right from its launch, it will distinguish itself from the competition by its unique service. While amalgamating the most used services on a single ecosystem of services, it promises to impact totally on the lives of its users. Its array of rich features give it the edge over every other existing competitor.

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