Stratus: One Social Media Platform to Rule Them All

Stratus, the exciting all-inclusive social media ecosystem, has just been launched. Stratus is among one of the most futuristic products under Apollo Fintech.

Apollo has been one of the most promising companies providing solutions for current problems in the financial sector. However, the company’s dedication is visible in other sectors, keeping in mind the increased hassle while dealing with mainstream social sites. Despite the increased efficiencies online platforms bring to people, there is a downside to having different applications for every platform users wish to access.

Therefore, Stratus is the ultimate creation, presenting an all-in-one platform that can be a destination for all activities. In that way, all users can involve themselves in communication, advertising, shopping, trading crypto, and more. According to Steve, Stratus will boost privacy, free speech, efficiency, and more once it goes live.

Rolling Out of Stratus

Apollo hopes to release Stratus in four phases, where each is set to introduce new platforms in its network. The first phase will introduce the functionalities of Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and PayPal. The second will include YouTube, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Instagram. The third hopes to unravel the services of WhatsApp, Telegram, TikTok, LinkedIn, while the fourth, Travelocity, Upwork, Envato, and GoDaddy.

All Stratus users can expect to exploit various features, including friends nearby, calls, articles, forums, groups, different apps, mentions, hashtags, a P2P marketplace, a universal wallet, to mention but a few.

While focusing on being the largest ecosystem in social media history, Stratus hopes to solve some of the mainstream sites’ problems. One of the significant points is to eliminate the manipulation that most sites currently display. It is a known fact that sites such as Facebook and Instagram sell user information, making a user the product instead of the consumer. However, Stratus promises to keep data safe, offering the power to sell that information to the user only.

World-changing Features for the Crypto Community

Security is always a major concern as many folks have been hoaxed and had their personal data stolen through online platforms. The more accounts one opens online, the more vulnerable their personal data. Stratus reduces these risks by engulfing different sites under its wings. Therefore, you can access all platforms through one account. Not only will this factor increase convenience, but also ensure the safety of user’s data.

Stratus is aimed at valuing the voice of every individual using social platforms. It hopes to give everyone a chance to air their opinion without the hindrances clouding social media today through Stratus. Many sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, have been in the spotlight following increased censorship within their platforms.

Though many may assume it is for the greater good, it isn’t. Stratus vouches for its credibility by protecting everyone’s choices while maintaining the authenticity of all information spread throughout its ecosystem. This means that any illegal content aired on the network is restricted.

It is safe to say that Stratus is here to change the current social platforms’ perspective and open doors for the crypto community to a new world where social media can be trusted and dependable.

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