Plona’s (PLON) worth is set to surpass IOTA (MIOTA) and Near Protocol (NEAR) in CoinMarketCap Ranking.

Many cryptocurrencies in the blockchain industry struggle to stamp their name and leave a mark in the market. Given how competitive the blockchain industry is, the odds of a coin being successful are slim, leading to a poor valuation. IOTA (MIOTA) and Near Protocol (NEAR) are two tokens that are in the top one hundred cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap. However, investors have speculated recently launched Plona (PLON) can overtake them on that list.  

IOTA (MIOTA) is losing its steam after a 5% descent 

IOTA (MIOTA) is a highly scalable open-source distributed ledger aiming to improve some of blockchain’s technical flaws. Built for the next generation of the digital revolution, IOTA (MIOTA) strives to promote and power the Internet of Things (IoT). With low fees and no intervention from any third party, IOTA (MIOTA) runs on a decentralised network facilitating global transactions that are feeless. 

Founded in 2015, IOTA (MIOTA) specialises in peer-to-peer distribution, designed to transfer data between machines and humans without lag. IOTA (MIOTA) is priced at $0.2494 after a 5% drop this week. Ranked at 60th place on the CoinMarketCap, IOTA (MIOTA) and its investors will look for better results in the coming weeks. With a supply of roughly 2.7 billion IOTA (MIOTA) tokens in circulation, the crypto market saw about $7 million worth of coins traded in the last 24hrs. 

How will Near Protocol (NEAR) recover from its 6% decline?

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a decentralised application (dApp) platform. As a layer one blockchain network, Near Protocol (NEAR), supplies developers on its network with a user-friendly system that they can use to design decentralised applications. Furthermore, instead of only using cryptographic wallet addresses, Near Protocol (NEAR) offers features like human-readable account names.

Ethereum (ETH) is the most prominent layer one blockchain and Near Protocol (NEAR) biggest competition. The creators of Near Protocol (NEAR) are striving to dethrone Ethereum (ETH) from its reigning status. The platform has suffered a slight hiccup, dropping 5% over the weekend. Currently priced at almost $3, Near Protocol (NEAR) still has a long way to go before it can overthrow Ethereum (ETH).

How much is Plona (PLON) valued? 

Plona (PLONA) token is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. Developed by a team of car enthusiasts and blockchain experts, Plona (PLON) aims to bring fractional ownership by tokenising luxury cars to the crypto market. Plona (PLON) will allow investors to own a fraction of luxury cars for $29. 

However, that’s not all. Plona (PLON) token holders will also benefit from exclusive networking events of exotic car dealers. The platform’s presale is underway, starting at $0.012 per token; investors can profit from a 2.5% transaction fee from all network transactions. Talks online from investors, cryptocurrency analysts, and blockchain enthusiasts have already started predicting Ploan’s (PLON) to receive a valuation of $500 after all the attention it has gained.

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