LunaOne to Launch a New Metaverse Technology

LunaOne, a Web 3.0 platform, allows people to engage in virtual and real-world activities simultaneously. The Internet is an incredible resource for connecting individuals from all over the world, whether they’re looking to make money, learn something new, or just have fun.

To keep the LunaOne metaverse functioning smoothly, the XLN token is the primary fuel for all system transactions. This new currency will run on the Binance Smart Chain soon, but XLN are available now on the LunaOne website.


LunaOne is distinct from other VR/AR settings in that it will be available on a wide range of crucial gaming/VR/AR platforms and technology. The LunaOne ecosystem is also accessible to those who play games on well-known platforms. Furthermore, the project’s founders are working on integrating LunaOne and smartphones.

Game platforms like Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network have millions of monthly visitors from around the world. The team’s ambition is evident in this framework: entering an industry through existing mainstream channels.

The Promise of Hyper-Realism

Users may see how someone’s face changes in real-time with the LunaOne monitoring gadget. Tracking and haptic suits and gloves will also be a part of the outfit.

The team promises that people will experience the virtual world via their body and even feel it on their skin with this technology.

The founders are creating wearable equipment for the project’s participants in collaboration with VR and AR companies. Those who buy one of these LunaOne-branded kits may test this experience in the metaverse and judge the project by themselves.

Proposing a Decentralized Lifestyle

LunaOne’s districts provide virtual land for sale to the public. The team bets on the fact that NFTs are, by definition, unique to introduce a certain degree of customization in the metaverse.

Special events can be attended by individuals who acquire real estate, in addition to traveling and entertaining visitors. Concerts and seminars may be attended without the involvement of a third party using LunaOne.

Aiming for True Decentralization

To further decentralize the network, the group proposes using a decentralized file storage (DFS) system.

Each token holder has a governance right to influence the platform’s future development through an internal voting system. LunaOne’s decentralization will aim at voice, text, and data services.

LunaOne believes that people should be able to communicate with each other in the metaverse. There is a desire to develop an online and off-line communications plan.

Key Takeaways

As the official website reports, there are several former Fortune 500 professionals on the LunaOne team.

This next-generation platform promotes decentralized decision-making, allowing holders of the native XLN coin to have a say in how the Metaverse evolves.

Apart from gaming, the platform aspires to grow into other realms to provide users with outside experiences such as attending events from the comfort of their own homes.

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