Guide to Poloniex

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Step 1: Create and Login

Step 2: Deposit BTC

Step 3: Withdrawal BTC

Step 4: Buying alt coins

Step 5: Selling alt coins

Step 6: Security

Step 7: Credit Limit Increase

Step 1: Creating account

1) Create account.

2) Sign in after clicking on confirmation email.

Step 2: Depositing BTC

1) Balance menu click deposit & withdrawals.

2) Search BTC.

3) Click deposit for BTC. Not BTCD.

4) Copy BTC address.

5) Login to coinhako and click send BTC.

6) Paste address copied from poloenix.

7) Key in amount that you desire to send.

8) Click next.

9) Click history.

10) Click on transaction to see status.

11) Click to view blockchain if you want.

12) Check for completed status.

Step 3: Withdrawing BTC

1) Click withdraw at BTC.

2) At coinhako, click receive BTC.

3) Copy your BTC address to receive BTC.

4) Paste the address you just copied in coinhako.

5) Key in amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw.

6) Click deposit & withdrawal history.

7) Make sure to check correct address and amount sent.

Step 4: Buying alt coins

1) Click at exchange.

2) Click on BTC family tab to buy with BTC.

3) Select the coin you want to buy.

4) Click on the link and don’t need to key in number.

5) Edit the amount to adjust how many you want to buy.

6) Match sell order to buy instantly.

7) Only click buy when confirm.

8) Scroll down to check outstanding trades.

9) Click my trades to see your trade.

10) Coin bought and no outstanding order.

Step 5: Selling alt coins

1) Click on exchange.

2) Click on BTC family tab.

3) Click on the coin you want to sell.

4) Click on link to fill in numbers automatically.

5) Edit desire amount to sell.

6) Match buy order for instant selling.

7) Click sell after confirm selling.

8) Check to see if it is a partial or full sell.

9) View to see all your trades.

10) Confirm order when you see sell status.

Step 6: Security

1) Click on 2FA for double security.

2) Take a screen shot for backup.

3) Key in the code generated by google authenticator.

4) Click Enable 2FA.

Next few steps will show how to get your code.

5) Download google authenticator in playstore.

6) Scan barcode provided in Poloenix.

7) Scan the full barcode.

8) Enter the code to enable 2FA.

Step 7: Increase credit limit

1) Balance->Deposit & Withdrawal, click daily limit.

2) Key in all your real information.

3) Upload your IC/ID.

4) Click to see example of photo with yourself to upload.

5) Information will be stated in a new tab.

6) Save profile and wait for approval from poloniex.