Guide to Gemini

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Step 1: Create and Login

Step 2: Security

Step 3: Verification

Step 4: Deposit

Step 5: Buying and Selling

Step 6: Receive and Sending

Step 1: Create and Login

1) Create account.

2) Sign in.

3) Click to start registration.

4) Email sent to your registered email address.

5) Click to confirm Gemini registration.

Step 2: Security

1) Download Authy app on your mobile device.

2) Key in your mobile number.

3) Click to receive code.

4) Open Authy app on your mobile device.

5) Copy 2fa code.

6) Key in the 2fa code from your Authy app.

7) Click to sign in.

For users who have not done his/her 2fa,

Step 1: Login to Gemini

Step 2: Under your username->Security settings

Step 3: Either Scan the barcode/key into Authy app

Step 4: Save your backup key 

Step 5: Generate 2fa

Step 3: Verification

1) Key in your real particulars.

2) Upload ID image.

3) Fill in your real particulars.

4) Click to proceed to the next section.

5) Upload Proof of Address.

6) Click to submit for review.

Step 4: Deposit

1) Under Transfer Funds-> Deposit into Exchange-> USD (Bank Transfer)/(Wire Transfer).


To add your bank account into your Gemini account:

Step 1: Click Manage bank account

Step 2: Add Bank account

2) Go to

3) Log in.

4) No internet banking, please visit DBS branch to activate.

5) Go to Transfer-> DBS Remit and Overseas Transfer.

6) Fill the blanks according to the information below.

(You will receive an email with instruction on how to transfer to their Gemini account)

Recipient name: “Gemini Trust Company LLC”

Address: “600 Third Avenue, 2nd Fl New York, NY 10016 United States Of America”

Recipient Bank: Choose “Other banks in United States”, and the Swift Code is “PCBBUS66”

Recipient account number: 1000808012

Clearing code: “322286803”

Please remember to include the unique letters assigned to your account under “memo” or “instructions”.

You have to deposit an amount to have Gemini’s bank address recorded into your DBS account.

7) Fill the amount you intend to deposit.

8) Click to get instructions on how to deposit.

9) Fill the blanks accordingly.

10) To agree to their terms and conditions governing telegraphic transfers.

11) Click to proceed with the deposit.

Step 5: Buying and Selling

1) Under Buy-> BTCUSD(using USD to buy Bitcoin) or Under Sell-> BTCUSD.

2) Enter the quantity you wish to buy.

3) Click Buy/Sell to process.

Step 6: Receive and Sending

1)Under Transfer Funds-> Deposit into Exchange-> BTC.

2)Send your newly generated address to anyone who wish to send you Bitcoin.

3) Can be done for other cryptocurrencies listed in Gemini.

4) Under Transfer Funds-> Withdraw from Exchange-> BTC.

5) Enter the destination address you wish to send to.

6) Enter the withdrawal amount.

7) Click to proceed.