Guide to Coinhako

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Step 1: Create and Login

Step 2: Verification

Step 3: Depositing

Step 4: Buying

Step 5: Receiving and Sending

Step 6: Security

Step 7: Credit Limit Increase

Step 1: Create and Login

1) Create account via for extra $5 deposited.

2) Sign in.

3) Email sent to your registered email address.

4) Click to confirm coinhako account registration.

Step 2: Verification

1) Verify account after sign in.

2) Select country .

3) Click next.

4) Key in mobile number.

5) Click next and wait for text message.

6) Key in 6 digit received from SMS.

7) Click next.

8) Key in your real particular.

9) Follow sample given. *photo of national ID with self

10) Best to use 600×800 pixes photo.

11) Once verified, your daily limit is 8k SGD already.

Step 3: Depositing

1) Click deposit Singapore dollars(SGD).

2) Deposit using inter-bank transfer(internet banking).

3) Keep this screen open and open another tap.

4) Go to

5) Log in.

6) No internet banking, please visit DBS branch to activate.

7) Go to transfer->To other DBS or POSB account.

8) Copy and paste the information in coinhako.

9) Make sure your initial is correct.

10) Enter amount to transfer in singapore dollars(SGD).

11) Currently not accepting xfers deposit.

12) Telegraphic transfer via bank has bank charges.

13) Initials is very important.

14) Go to your bank for telegraphic transfer.

Step 4: Buying

1) Make sure funds are in.

2) Click buy Bitcoin(BTC) or buy Ethereum(ETH).

3) Enter amount that you want to buy Bitcoin with.

4) Click buy Bitcoin

5) Go back to wallet and confirm it has been bought.

Step 5: Receiving and sending

1) Click receive Bitcoin(receiving Bitcoin from another party).

2) Click send Bitcoin(sending to another party).

3) Copy address for receiving Bitcoin.

4) Paste your receiving Bitcoin address to the sender for him to send Bitcoin.

5) Paste the address to send your Bitcoin to.

6) Key in Amount of BTC to send.

7) Click next.

8) Click history to check all transactions status.

Step 6: Security

1) Setup 2FA for double protection.

2) Click yes for next step.

3) Go playstore and download Google Authenticator.

4) Click scan barcode(+ found at bottom right).

5) Place the barcode at center of scanning.

6) After scanning, a code will be generated(code change every 30 second).

7) Save backup key in case you change your phone.

8) Key in 6 digit number shown on your phone and click enable 2FA.

Step 7: Credit Limit increase

1) Click sell Bitcoin to find daily limit.

2) Click daily trading limit.

3) Additional verification if needed.

4) Verify all information to increase limit.