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Step 1: Create and login

Step 2: Security

Step 3: Receiving USDT from wallet

Step 4: Buying USDT through Fiat-Token

Step 5: Buying and Selling

Step 6: Contacting US

Step 1: Creating account

1) Visit

2) Click sign up.

3) Key in SMS Code and create password.
4) Tick the “User Agreement” and click the Sign up button for registration .

5) Key in phone number, password and verification code.
6) Click log in.

Step 2: Security

1) Click account and check information.

2) Complete KYC certification .

3) Key in email and open Google Authenticator.

Step 3: Receiving USDT from wallet

1) Click asset account and find USDT.

2: Copy USDT deposit account address to your wallet.

3) Transfer USDT to BiClub Exchange account from your wallet.

Step 4: Buying USDT from Fiat-token

1) Download BiClub APP by

2) Login account and select Fiat-token.

3) Enter the purchase quantity and determine the amount.

4) Payment to USDT seller and wait for USDT.

Step 5: Buying and Selling

1) Select a target trading pair, such as BTC/USDT.

2) View available BTC and USDT.

3) Enter a certain number of USDT and purchase BTC.

4) Enter a certain amount of BTC, sell to get USDT.