Is BTC Repeating The Bullish Trend Of June 2019?

Since December 2018, Bitcoin’s price has consolidated at around $3,100 — $4,000 for nearly 4 months. From April to June 2019, Bitcoin started a strong uptrend, hitting the second all-time high of $13,968.

Looking back to the current bitcoin market, after the sharp plunge in March, BTC has been in a sideways movement for 3 months and the volatility range is narrowing as well. Besides, active retail investors are getting less and less, while institutional investors are accumulating more and more bitcoins. In the past 48 hours, more than 100 thousand bitcoins are withdrawn from top exchanges, and this case has lasted for half a year or so, which indicates that the bear power cannot short the price by selling a great number of bitcoins suddenly. In other words, the Bitcoin bull is getting closer to us!

For bitcoin spot traders, you may wonder when the bull will come. It’s definitely a difficult question to answer. However, if you are looking for a way to earn money before the bull comes, BTC margin trading is a good option for you.

BTC Margin Trading — Turn 1% Price Move to 100% Profits

Margin Trading is a dominant trend among all the cryptocurrency exchanges. In contrast to traders making profits only when the prices rise, margin trading allows the traders to bet on falling prices and yet make money. Traders who haven’t held many cryptocurrencies can opt for margin trading. With x times leverage added, traders’ buy power is increased and get more chances to make greater profits.

One of the most popular margin trading platforms in the crypto area, Bexplus is a fintech company established in late 2017 that offers BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and XRP perpetual contracts with 100x leverage for short and long positions. Bexplus simultaneously provides traders with NO spread, lowest service charge in the industry, and easy-to-use trading interface with professional indicators. In addition, for beginners in the crypto futures market, Bexplus also equips a trading simulator with 10 free BTC.


You can easily register an account in Bexplus with no KYC required. You don’t need to worry about information leakage.

High Security

Google authenticator is adopted to ensure account security. And all your bitcoin is stored in the cold wallet which is protected against DDoS attacks and encrypted with SSL, multi-signature technology.

Useful Mobile Support

The full-feature Bexplus app helps you manage your account anytime and anywhere. You can open/close position, deposit & withdraw, and get a market alert on the go.

100% Deposit Bonus for You

All users in Bexplus are eligible to apply for up to 10 BTC deposit bonuses at a time deposit. Furthermore, active users can get 10% off of transaction fees. The more funds, the more profits you could make!

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