Interview with Vincent, CEO of Payslink

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Dear Vincent, thanks for taking the time to join me in this interview to educate our community on Payslink. Can you give us a brief introduction to you? What is your story, dating back as far as you wish?

My business background was in the recruitment sector and in 2019 I sold my share in the company and started my journey in the crypto space. Having entered a volatile market I worked tirelessly to achieve success in this field which then led to the formation of Payslink.

Why did you get involved in the cryptocurrency industry, and where do you think the industry will be in 5–10 years?

The crypto industry is here regardless of people's views and opinions and over the next 5 to 10 years it will be in our daily lives from shopping and paying bills to mortgages, etc. We are getting closer to a cashless society and technology has played its part. Cryptocurrency is just another component to an ever-changing world.

That’s amazing. Now can you give us an introduction to Payslink and its history?

Payslink was formed to disrupt the entire payment industry from peer-to-peer payments and mass payments. The platform allows users to buy digital currency, spend digital currency and invest in digital currencies with a very simple and seamless interface. In particular, we will make the payslink app the leading payment app applying blockchain technology to make the inter-enterprise payment process in each country and worldwide market easy, fast, and secure. and security.

So how did you get started with Payslink, and why? Early on, did you see an opportunity to fill a void in the market?

I got started with Payslink when I approached 2 close business colleagues that were already involved in the market. They were having issues with similar platforms in the purchasing and selling of digital currencies so I decided to make the process as simple as possible for everyday users.

Understood. Now, what has been your greatest achievement thus far?

The company is relatively new but we have made great progress thanks to my highly driven team. I also have a number of close business partners that have played a major role in getting Payslink to where it is today and the future is very exciting. When you have a product that you fully believe in and will be used by millions of people across the world to me that’s a milestone and my best achievement to date business-wise.

Where can people support your business? Other than that, thank you for your time.

You’re welcome, my pleasure! You can find all relevant links below.

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