How much I earn every month by watching ads on BRAVE Browser

By Umar Usman on The Capital

We all use the internet these days. The Internet is as essential for life as food. Many people said, “We can live without food but we cannot live without the Internet.” That is kind of true. We all bound to the internet. The first thing we check when we woke up is our smartphone and smartphones are useless without the internet.

For browsing the web we are using different kinds of internet browsers for ages. All browsers come with different kinds of features:

  • Some are packed with a bunch of features for power users while some come with lite features for normal users.
  • Some provide high security to their users while some don’t.

There are a few very famous browsers people love to use. Mac users prefer to use the Safari browser while windows users have so many different options but many prefer to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. A few years back a new browser came into existence. The name of the browser is “Brave.” It became very famous in a few years. WHY? LET’S FIND OUT!

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a normal browser the same as many others on the internet. It is based on google open source project “Chromium.” Many browsers use chromium like Opera, Chrome, and now Brave too. It allows users to run websites, web apps, and online content just like many other browsers. It can run all the extensions you find on google chrome extension store. It can be downloaded free from their website.

What makes Brave Browser different than others?

What is so special about Brave is it gives back their user the power of privacy, security, and speed by totally blocking trackers. It blocks all the advertisements you see on the internet. They introduced a new method in which they blocked all the ads you see on different websites and replace them with their own ads. Also, brave block all the Ad tracking.

Now you will probably think then what is the difference between brave and other browsers. Well, brave replace Ads you see on the internet with their own ads and give you some money in return by watching those ads. They believe in our traditional system only the company who is showing ads earn money and the user gets nothing by watching those ads.

So Brave browsers gave this opportunity to the user to earn some extra cash while browsing the internet. Also, gives users an option to return that cash to content creators. That is the main reason Brave is so popular these days. This kind of Ad notification you get while using Brave.

How Brave Payment System Works?

The foundation of brave browsers is basically digital/cryptocurrency. They introduced a new currency/token called BAT. It stands for “Basic Attention Token.” The value of BAT fluctuates just like other altcoins in the cryptocurrency world because they all follow Bitcoin and who controls Bitcoin price? Well, bitcoin price depends on the supply and demand of the coins.

Basic Attention Tokens are given to brave users based on the attention of users. Attention means how much time they spend watching ads and content. Earning comes to the user wallet on the 5th of every month. Users are allowed to give their earning back to the community. They can give BAT to their favorite content creators.

Currently, on Marketcap, the value of BAT token is $0.26

How much I earn every Month from Brave Browser?

I am using the Brave browser since September 2019 but at that time, my country was not on the Brave list. I started getting ads after March 2020. They allow you to set how many ads do you want to see every hour. On default, it is set to “3” and I am fine in watching 3 ads in one hour. I am a freelancer and I spend 4–5 hours on my laptop every day. Since September 2019, I blocked almost 536,542 ads, saved 918.1mbs bandwidth, and saved 7.5 hours of my life.

All the monthly earning transferred to my uphold account on the 5th of every month. Currently, the price of Basic attention token is $0.26 which is not very high but hopefully, with the increase in the price of bitcoin in the future, we will see a big increase in BAT price. I watch around 15–20 ads in a day and monthly I received 8 BAT tokens. According to the current price of BAT’s I earn $2.000 every month. You can see my total earning below. I know my earning is not big enough to share but I am holding all of my brave earnings and waiting for the good times to come in the near future when one BAT price will go to $5 or maybe $50.

How you can earn from Brave Browser?

You can download Brave browser from here. It is totally free. It is available on all the big platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

You can make uphold account from here.

Hope you will my story. If you have any suggestions for me please tell me down below. If you enjoy my writing and want to read more please feel free to follow me.

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