Heroes of Mavia Commits To A Long-Term Sustainable In-Game Economy Through Machinations Partnership

Binance-backed MMO strategy game Heroes of Mavia has become part of the Machinations Game Economy Health Monitoring Service. Teaming up with the world’s leading game economy platform emphasizes the need for fair and transparent play-to-earn mechanics and economies in blockchain gaming titles. 

Mavia will be put through various tests and scenarios to determine inflation and deflation impact as part of this initiative. After meeting the criteria, the game will receive the “Verified by Machinations” label, although that will not be the end of the collaboration. Machinations will keep monitoring Mavia’s in-game economy through live telemetry and Web3 market data to help implement adjustments, should they prove necessary. 

Machinations CEO and Co-founder Mihai Gheza comments:

“Ever since the team at Mavia started using Machinations, we’ve been impressed with their commitment to delivering a perfectly balanced game economy to their fantastic community. As of today, we’re excited to have them go through our Game Economy Health Monitoring process and support them in building & maintaining a healthy game economy for Heroes of Mavia.”

Play-to-earn gaming is an exciting vertical in blockchain gaming and poses many challenges for developers. Cryptocurrencies and Web3 are new frontiers to explore in a gaming setting. Moreover, games are often subject to influencers from utility assets, AMMs, DAOs, liquidity pools, and overall market volatility. Through its Game Economy Health Monitoring Service, Machinations ensure developers can access the necessary tools and insights to maintain a healthy game economy. 

Mavia, designed by Skrice Studios, is a play-to-earn game designed with long-term success in mind. Sustaining a viable game economy is essential with its focus on eSports and competitive gaming. The healthier the economy, the more opportunities for economic achievement players can explore. Moreover, the economy helps generate revenue for the DAO to enhance the overall sustainability of the in-game economy. 

Skrice Studios Managing Director Tristan Chaudhry states:

 “At Mavia, we are determined to create the best experience for our players. Our standards demand the best graphics, and the game economy must be sustainable long-term. We are pushing the boundaries of what it means to make a AAA quality blockchain game. We are partnering with Machinations to validate Mavia’s economic health and obtain the Verified by Machinations seal.”

Heroes of Mavia is backed by Binance and Crypto.com Capital, enabling the team to provide AAA graphics in a competitive gaming environment. Mavia brings cutting-edge features to GameFi and emphasises live streaming of every base and all combat from within the game. Additionally, battles are permanently recorded and can be watched as video-on-demand by anyone. 

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