Get Your Own Bamboo Tokens and Join the DeFi Zone 

After months of hard work, Nexxyo Labs finally launched its unique ERC-20 project – BambooDeFi, a crypto project built with the aim of making users independent of bank services. 

And to start in force, the company puts on the line an Initial Exchange Offering on CHAINX, starting with the first day of Christmas! 

Its DeFi system works without third parties and encrypts all your private data. The transactions are now just between you and your trading partner, and there’s nobody who can block your account out of nowhere.

If you didn’t join the DeFi adventure yet, then you are lucky, because the BambooDeFi project is one of the most promising platforms out there at the moment. 

Let’s see how we can get our tokens!

How is the Bamboo IEO taking place?

If you want your own Bamboo tokens, the first step is to connect your Trust Wallet, Metamask, or WalletConnect.

There are three phases of this event:

  • From 25th of December to 5th of January – when you can find the Bamboo token at €0.30;
  • From 6  to 16th  of January – when you can find the Bamboo token at €0.40;
  • From 17 to 30th of January – when you can find the Bamboo token at €0.50.

Regardless of the phase, it doesn’t exceed even 1 euro, therefore being a very affordable token. 

After the event, users can find on the platform up to nine trading pairs:

  • USDT – ETH;
  • USDC – ETH;
  • DAI – ETH;
  • WBTC – ETH;
  • WBTC – ETH.

Who is behind the project?

The BambooDeFi was created by the Spanish company Nexxyo Labs under the leadership of Daniel Valdes. The project’s purpose is to make cryptocurrencies much more accessible to people from the entire world.

It has a team of 14 dedicated and creative members that developed a lot of amazing projects, from video games to business applications. 

For the Bamboo Ecosystem, the company plans to create a card for Bamboo Tokens and to make it available for ATMs in collaboration with AuroraCryptoMachines.

Find out more about their crypto decentralized project on social media! 




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