Gaming survey finds that gamers are keen to earn crypto rewards

Despite the ongoing crypto winter, a new survey reveals that the integration of blockchain and gaming is far from dead. According to the survey, gamers are generally positive about the benefits of playing and earning with blockchain-based games. 

The survey, undertaken by gaming industry payment processor ZEBEDEE, asked 903 gamers in North America, Europe, China and Southeast Asia about their opinions on blockchain-based gaming. Results indicated that 68% of respondents were open to integrating crypto assets into game play while 76% said they were interested in earning rewards in exchange for playing games. 

Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer for ZEBEDEE, said of his company’s survey findings:

“the majority of gamers have not yet encountered Play-and-Earn gaming with real financial rewards. The findings suggest that gamers are overall more open to seeing these technologies integrated into games, which presents an opportunity for the industry to educate, engage and attract new gamers to the Play-and-Earn ecosystem.”

Gamers also expressed an interest in using cryptocurrencies to acquire virtual items such as characters or weapons within games (70%), as well as exchanging these items for real money (66%). Furthermore, 74% said they would like to be able to securely store their digital assets within a wallet connected to a game platform or server cluster. 

This research shows us that despite some scepticism surrounding blockchain gaming technology, there is still potential for growth amongst avid players. The results suggest that gamers are ready for increased innovation when it comes to incorporating different elements from the crypto world into their gameplay experience – helping both developers and players alike discover new ways of enjoying digital entertainment safely and rewardingly.

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