Futuristic Tech World in 2050 — Possible Inventions

Futuristic Tech World in 2050 — Possible Inventions

It’s quite intriguing to see how the Futuristic World of Tech could shape us with possible inventions. This blog covers the possible inventions in the future and the next-gen of Technological phase by the year 2050.

Perspective of World towards Tech in 2050

The growth of Technology over the past decade had massive progress, in terms of technological inventions and applications in our day to day life. In the years ahead, the global chain of tech will take a step ahead resulting in a futuristic tech world. New forms of technology are bound to change how we live in society. Remarkably, the sector of Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the mainstream in various risk-resolving and solutionary aspects also in our daily routine life. The unbelievable will be believable in the future. This blog elaborates on the possible inventions in 2050 suggested by the foremost futurists who think these inventions can reshape the course of the world.

Possible Inventions in 2050

  • AI-enabled Human Robots and Reincarnation or Rebirth of People
  • Superhuman Clothing
  • Entire Dependency on Renewable Energy
  • Hyperloop
  • Space Vacations
  • Drone Solutions

Hang Up with “AI enabled Human Robots” &”Reincarnated People”

Sophia, the best example of an AI-enabled Human Robot

Experts state that it is feasible to believe that machines and computers will gain consciousness with the ability of AI and capable even more of a human. Companies like DeepMind are expected to bring about this change and they’re very keen about their vision. Is this possible? According to the theory of Artificial Emotional Intelligence, machines or robots will be able to react and fake emotions by understanding and determining people’s gestures along with the tone of voice. With the evolution of this mechanization of applied science, the possibility of AI-enabled Human Robots is massive.

“Reincarnation or Rebirth of People,” sounds weird and strange, I know! But according to one of the top futurists Kurzweil, in future, the growth in the mechanism of nanobots with improvement in scanning technology, we’ll be able to send nanobot into people’s brains to extract memories of their loved ones or dead people. With the technology of augmented DNA Sampling, we can extract one’s DNA from people’s memory and be able to create a virtual convincing version of them.

Become an Iron Man by “Superhuman Clothing”

In the future, the inventions of super-ability clothing provide humans with greater strength and work capability, even a fifty-year-old man will be able to do a weight-lifting job in a construction site. The best example is the exoskeleton suit, recently launched by Hyundai. Futurists also envision advanced clothing like pants providing with the ability to run or walk fast or a Spider-man like suit made with polymer gel helps in improving strength. Not only in workforce, but super-ability clothing is also a greater solution for those who have health deficits in their leg or hand and this is proven by Clinatec laboratories who created an exoskeleton which can be controlled by a paralysed man to walk.

People will be able to rely entirely on Renewable Energy

Futurists state that the improvements in the mechanism and infrastructure of underwater cabling will enable countries to generate solar power overseas. So, countries will have access to generate solar power from places like Sahara Desert for lighting up their whole country. The accessibility of countries to draw solar power overseas increases the reliance of people towards solar energy and is going to be a good investment too. In addition, the empowerment of Nuclear Fusion is on track to power homes in the future. Finally, the usage of fossil fuel for power will lose track in the long run.

Beyond Transportation — Hyperloop

Hyperloop is a transportation concept beyond expectations which is founded and developed by Tesla. To elaborate, it’s a high-speed propulsion system enclosed by a dome-like structure that helps the system to engage and travel through vacuum. The speed of transport is comparatively high in vacuum to oxygen. Tesla is currently technical assaying its visionary project and building collaborations for its access among cities. In the future, it is believed that Hyperloop will become a global chain of transportation and will change the perception of people towards transportation.

Wish you a happy “Space Vacation”

“Space Vacations!” one of the most intriguing predictions. Rocket companies like Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon’s SpaceX also other competitors are seamlessly trying to make this vision come true. To give a flavour, SpaceX has already taken the lead in developing a sustainable space tourism model empowering Elon Musk’s vision of getting people to Mars. This space tourism will cost a whopping amount of money and viable only for the rich to get on-board. In the future, this is going to be a huge driver in terms of job creation opportunities, new business avenues, and possible frontliner in Business.

Get your Pizzas by “Drone Delivery”

The extent of drone technology will be surpassing than ever in the future. At present, places like underground mine zones are inaccessible for humans because of its discomfort environment but, companies like Inkonova have started their spadework in creating a drone having improvised competence to fly, climb, and laser technology for scanning zones. These advancements in Aerial Robotics technology will assist people to reach any space which has not yet been touched by mankind. In addition, companies like Amazon are hiring drones for the delivery of products and groceries but futurists say, that these systems of delivery drones have less possibility to become widespread in the future which means it’s only suitable for groceries and small products. Lastly, the technology of drone aviation will bring about a change in surveillance and mapping purposes, especially for military spies.

Futuristic impact on Social Life

The world is changing faster than we think developing both bright and dark shades. Even though the above mentioned possible inventions make people feel to live in a better society, these inventions are expected to reduce half of the current job market in the future. Automation will be everywhere resulting in a reduction of manual workforce. So, we need to stay updated and should empower our learning process and methodologies. The chain of learning is likely to push its envelope towards e-learning. Moreover, Facebook has envisioned their next plan to create an environment for personal or confidential chat, resulting in the eradication of sharing our thoughts face to face personally. The technology just grows and we never give a second thought to it. We should create our environment with aptness respective to the phase of Technology like how we just adapt ourselves to e-learning in this pandemic period. People need to collaborate their futuristic social lives with the perception of “The Futuristic World.”

“What we do at present is the extent of our future.”

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