Flits Wallet: The Best Decentralized Wallet with Enhanced features

If you have been in the crypto space for quite a while, you must have heard the ongoing campaign of “Not your keys, not your coins”, which denotes that if you use wallets governed by a third-party custodian, then you really don’t guarantee ownership of your own coins. That’s where the whole notion of decentralized wallets/exchanges being better than the centralized ones came from.

Unlike centralized wallets, decentralized wallets use a private key to give users total control of their funds. This type involves no third party in transactions, hence the safest method to store your funds and trade cryptocurrency. There are currently dozens of these wallets in the market today, but one that stands out is the Flits Wallet. Continue reading and find out why!

Why is Flits the Best Decentralized Crypto Wallet?

Flits App has been vouched by the industry’s experts for various reasons. First, the team behind Flits has been around for some years with other great products like Klimatas and Dutch Crypto Works. They understand very well the industry’s potential and challenges.

Essentially, Flits Wallet was developed to foster the growth of cryptos and as a solution to challenges in the industry, such as complicated and time-consuming crypto trading processes.

Second, the App presents unique and enhanced features that make it stand out from the rest in the market. These features are the ones presented below.

1. Mobile Wallet

Flits carry the title of the first mobile application with decentralized masternodes and staking. As a mobile wallet available for Android and iOS, the Flits wallet presents many benefits that are not possible with other wallets.

The benefit of ease of access is, of course, the major one. As we all know, phones are easily accessible, unlike PC and desktops.

Also, unlike others, a mobile-based wallet is safer given that phones are more private than other gadgets.

Besides, a mobile wallet provides more use cases compared to desktop wallets. For example, you can use a mobile app to pay for goods in a store as long as you have your phone with you.

2. Masternodes

In addition to portability, the Flits team went further to make sure crypto investors are taken care of. Masternodes is one of the best ways of making money with cryptocurrencies. Flits application conceals all technicalities involved in investing masternodes to make the process a lot easier. With a few clicks, you can set up your masternodes and start earning.

There are many benefits of using Flits wallet to invest in masternodes.

First, you get a chance to buy masternode shares. With Flits wallet, you don’t have to own a full masternode, and there is an option to buy masternode shares.

With a market cap of $2,242,989.00 and over 120% Return on Investment (ROI), FLS masternodes are undoubtedly a viable investment.

3. Coin Staking

Not only does Flits wallet allow decentralized hosting of masternodes, but it also supports coin staking. To run a masternode, there’s a required collateral amount. Staking is a good alternative to make money when you cannot afford these collateral coins. With staking, you gain blocks as a reward for supporting the network. These rewards can later be sold for coins that you can withdraw or invest back through different opportunities offered in the platform.

Flits App makes this process great by allowing you total control of your funds. Also, Flits rewards are given out four times each day. Flits charge a competitive staking fee of 5% of the amount staked.

4. Compatibility

A marketplace is one of the main features of a great investment platform. It enables users to liquidate their assets and rewards for profit. For this, Flits wallet integrates several exchanges, to allow users to sell off their staking and masternode rewards and withdraw the profits. Currently, the wallet integrates four major exchanges, including Crex24, Altmarkets, Birake, and Stex.

Flits wallet is also designed to be compatible with other applications, protocols, and networks. Besides, the application is supported in multiple OS and gadgets.

5. Great User Experience

The greatness of an application lies in how comfortable users feel while using it. This includes how fast the application launches, how easy it is to navigate through the App, and how safe your money is.

Flits App is the most comfortable decentralized crypto wallet, with nearly instant load speed. The main dashboard makes navigation easy, with links to the App’s main sections, such as coins, transactions, nodes, and gift cards, among others.

For safety, Flits wallet uses a 2-layer authentication policy featuring passcodes and biometrics. Passcodes are strings of numbers and characters known only to users. Flits biometrics involves fingerprints scan for android users and fingerprints/face scan for iOS users.


As the saying goes, great innovation brings a solution to a problem. Cryptocurrency has had many flaws that threaten to cut short the revolutionary technology. From security breaches, speed issues, to complicated processes, these are challenges that can’t be overlooked.

Flits Wallet is an innovation with solutions dedicated to the challenges in the crypto world. Flits is a top-notch decentralized crypto wallet with enhanced features that makes DeFi and investing in cryptocurrency easy, more profitable, and secure.

Download Flits wallet today and experience a new world of investment opportunities.

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