Everything You Need to Know About Zapaygo

The world is changing faster than ever as a result of the current pandemic and if we don’t allow ourselves to continue moving in the right direction it’s going to continue to get worse for all the business owners out there. But what can you do? How can you improve your situation when everything seems so bleak? Well, there are a number of different things you can do and one of those is to simplify processes for your customers and clients. That’s where Zapaygo comes in.

What is Zapaygo?

Zapaygo is a UK based platform that allows you to create merchant accounts to make payment processes much easier for all of your clients and customers. Not only that but it makes it much simpler to abide by many of the new rules that have been implemented around the world to help combat the spread of COVID and more. You’ll be able to ‘stay safe’ and so will your customers. And yet you and they will still be able to carry out transactions in a safe and efficient way. All you need to do is create your account and you’ll be on your way in no time.


The Features of Zapaygo

You want to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for and that you’re getting a service that really will improve your business and everything associated with it. Well, let’s take a closer look at Zapaygo and what it entails. We’ll consider what it means to get started, what you’re going to get out of it and why you would want to try it out for yourself. And we’ll look at whether the benefits are actually going to be as good as the company claims.


First up, your customers are going to be able to pre-order whatever they want. The pre-order process is simple and takes very little time for them to achieve. It’s going to still give them all of the options that they’re used to for your business but also help you in a number of ways. In fact, pre-ordering through this system will allow customers to remain at a distance. That means you’ll reduce queues as well as reduce the number of people who are waiting in one specific area. All of this is going to help you comply with the rules but still allow you to serve the same number of customers.

Simple Set-Up

No one wants to spend hours trying to set up a system that’s supposed to make their life easier and with Zapaygo you won’t have to worry about that. The setup process is extremely simple. You can fill out the form and once you’re approved you’re going to be ready to take payments and trade in no time at all. Within the same day of signup you can have a fully functional account that will allow you to start serving your customers even better and even faster.

Place Orders

Your customers will actually be able to order food directly to their table through the app as well. That makes it easier for them to get what they want and for you to take orders. Not only that but it reduces the amount of person-to-person contact, making it safer for everyone involved. While customers are waiting, seated or anywhere within your facility, they can communicate with you without needing a host to come to their table. Or they can notify you when they need someone at the table. All of this decreases the risks associated with getting too close, too frequently.

Touchless Payment

There’s no need for a customer and a host to interact even to pay a bill. That’s because they can pay directly through the app using their favorite method of payment. This reduces the need for cash or credit cards, which makes the process easier for customers and also safer for everyone involved. There’s still no need to actually engage in person-to-person contact and there’s no reason to exchange cash or credit cards. This makes it faster for a customer to complete their meal or visit, pay, and leave as well. Thus making the interaction faster and more convenient for them.


If the client would prefer to get their food to-go that’s also a much easier process. They will be able to order directly through the app like they would for food they’re eating at the restaurant and then they can select a delivery service to bring the food to them. This makes the process a whole lot easier for you and for them. Plus, it’s encouraging all of your customers to still get food from you (keeping your numbers up) while also reducing the number of people physically in the location.

The Benefits of Zapaygo

As a result of these features, there are a number of different benefits to Zapaygo. Whether you’re a customer or a business owner, you’re going to see each of these benefits and you’re going to be more than prepared to take on a new system to make it happen and get as close to normalcy as possible in these confusing times.

Safety — One of the most important things is that everyone involved is going to be much safer as a result of this system. It allows orders to be made from anywhere, including directly inside the venue, without contact. Not only that but payments are also enabled with no contact.

Convenience — What could be more convenient than using your phone to place an order, stand in line, pay for your food or get delivery? There’s no more waiting around for a server to come back to the table or standing in line outside a restaurant to get a table. It’s all in the app.

Simplicity — The process of using Zapaygo (and getting signed up) is extremely simple. You can go through the entire process in just a few minutes with any merchant that’s signed up to the service. That gets you your food faster.

Usability — If you don’t know who’s actually signed up that’s not a problem either. You can explore your area and even save your favorite orders or favorite restaurants. That makes placing your next order a whole lot easier and a lot faster as well.

Rewards — There are even rewards offered through Zapaygo. That means when you sign in and start buying from your favorite places you qualify for High Street benefits and offers. All of that means your favorite meals are going to cost you less and still taste just as great as ever.

What You Need to Know

Now, Zapaygo is a convenient and useful service that is easy to use and available on both Android and Apple platforms. This makes it easier for merchants as well as customers to use the platform and to continue to explore the many different benefits that are associated with it. It allows you to use a platform that you are comfortable enough and recognize and makes it easy to download the app (because it is just another app). You can go directly into your app store to access it and to set up everything that you need.

Another important factor is that it’s inexpensive to join. Merchants can sign up for an account for £100 plus a license and PCI fee. But right now they’re offering a discount where merchants can get all of these fees waived. The only thing that you’ll have to pay is a fee per transaction that’s completed on the app and that’s determined as part of your agreement. You’ll always know exactly how much you’re going to be charged for each of those transactions so you can make sure that it’s worth it for you and your business.

Signing up for the service is actually very simple, which is even better for merchants who want to get started making the best possible experience for their clients. It only takes a minute to fill out the initial forms to apply and once you get approved Zapaygo’s support team will setup your menus and account for you. From there, you just have to let them know where to go in order to create their own accounts and start using Zapaygo to access your business.

Who Can Use Zapaygo?

Zapaygo was initially created with a target of pubs and similar venues, but the truth is that any merchant can use this service. In fact, it’s recommended that many different venues choose to use the service, especially as social distancing and staying safe by avoiding person-to-person contact are becoming our new normal.

With Zapaygo, there are a number of different venues throughout the community that can see dramatic improvements and changes to the way that their customers interact with the service and how comfortable those customers are returning to their business. Because of enhanced restrictions and rules, there are many customers who aren’t comfortable returning to venues they feel will encourage or require too much person-to-person contact. Zapaygo is for any business that feels they can provide for their customers without the need for that additional contact.

Should You Get Zapaygo?

So, is Zapaygo a good idea? Well, whether you’re a customer or a business-owner this does seem to be an excellent resource. It seems to provide some great features and it makes the entire process of ‘staying safe’ and abiding by local regulations and restrictions a whole lot easier. If you’re looking for a way to make sure that your life can get as close to normal as possible, without compromising your safety or health, Zapaygo is looking to help you with that process, no matter which side of the line you’re on.

For business owners who are looking to slowly start reopening their pubs and other venues, Zapaygo makes it easier for you to interact with customers and provide them with the experience that they are looking for without having to have so many people physically in your restaurant or other location. It allows you to provide them with the food and service that they expect while reducing the amount of person-to-person contact and abiding by the laws and regulations of your local area. All of this helps you to build up your business again and start making profits.

On the other side, for the customer, this process makes it much easier to get the experience that you want while still maintaining safety. For those customers who are uncertain about venturing out in public or who want to limit the amount of person-to-person contact that they have but still enjoy their favorite experiences, Zapaygo allows for that. It enables you to wait in a line without being physically in line, to pay for your food without interacting with a server, and to have food delivered in the same way. All of the different steps are designed to make sure that everyone involved is safe and feels comfortable.

When it comes down to it, Zapaygo is definitely a useful service and feature for anyone who wants to improve their business while still keeping themselves, their business, their team and their customers as safe as possible. By utilizing blockchain technology to provide for customer interaction, Zapaygo has revolutionized the industry and is making huge strides in the way that customers and businesses can interact during a time of confusion and social distancing. There is no reason for enhanced safety measures to mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite experiences, foods, and beverages. It just means a new system is needed in order to do so in the safest way possible.


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