Everything You Need to Know About BRK Gen2

When it comes to broadcasting you want to make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the best options and the best features possible. When you’re watching any type of broadcast you absolutely want the best image that you can get. So, how are you going to get it? Well, BRK Gen 2 says that you’re going to get it by being fully immersed in the experience of your favorite games. But is it really everything that it says it is?

What it Does for the Viewer

With BRK Gen 2 you’re going to get a 1st person perspective of everything that you’re watching. It’s really great for sports of all types, which is where it’s really being marketed for but it could be used for just about anything that you really wanted to get in on the action for. That’s because it works through the use of small cameras that are worn by the players in the game. Then, you can tune into those cameras and see exactly what they see. The idea is that it’s going to give you a more immersive experience.

Through this process, you’ll also have the option of 360-degree video. That means you can control what you want to look at and when. This creates a disruptive camera system that really makes sure you can see what you want to see and completely skip over the things that you don’t. With this kind of experience, you’re going to find a whole lot more enjoyment out of all of your favorite sports. Not to mention you’re going to have a super-easy time of it when it comes to getting the video you always wished you could have with your favorite sports channels.

What it Does for the Sports League

If you are looking at changing up the way your team does filming and broadcasting you’re going to love this type of system because it lets you choose between two popular modes. 360 viewing means that you’re going to have complete control of what you’re showing to your fans. It means you’re going to dramatically change the way that current broadcasting is done and you’ll definitely be able to improve the interest your fans have in the sport. Traditional cameras aren’t going to give you these kinds of options.

The 1st person option is going to be even better for your fans and for you. What fan wouldn’t love to see exactly what their favorite sports hero is doing? With this mode your team wears cameras that are small enough they won’t even notice and they definitely won’t hinder their gameplay. Instead, those cameras are going to blend right in with the rest of their gear so they can continue to play like always. What’s different, however, is that their biggest fans are now going to be watching the game practically through their eyes, which is going to get even more people watching the game.

Why BRK Gen 2?

Why is BRK Gen 2 the way to go when it comes to broadcasting? You’re getting a completely new opportunity in live-action broadcasting with a full-service provider and that’s a great reason to start using this type of broadcasting technology for your sporting endeavors. Whether you have a large league, a small league, or something in between, you’re going to have plenty of features and options when it comes to maximizing interest.

What You’ll Get

You’re going to get a range of different features and services. Overall, you’re going to have the ability to really draw in the right type of attention and you’re going to have a platform that makes a big difference in how fans want to watch their favorite games. But are you really getting everything that you could possibly want? Well, we’re going to take a look at a few of the other features and aspects of BRK Gen 2 so you can make a decision on just what you want for your team and your fans.

Content Provision — You’re going to get second screening content provision with BRK Gen 2. That means all of your normal broadcasting is still going to be available and all of your fans will be able to watch in their favorite ways. But they are going to have a second chance to watch with this platform. And with this platform, they’re going to have a completely new way to watch, which actually increases the chances that your fans will want to watch again and again, which increases your ratings and a whole lot more.

Multi-Platform Streaming — Content that’s already being sent out works seamlessly with this platform. So you can send out the live feed of your brand new broadcast through any platform that you want and any platform that you’re already connected with. Your fans don’t need to tune into a specific format or specific TV viewing platform in order to get the broadcast that they’re looking for and enjoy the live-action feed available. They can use anything they already have, which increases the likelihood that they’re going to try it out.

Turnkey Event Coverage — You don’t have to worry about anything because BRK Gen 2 sends all of the equipment and staff necessary to keep track of the equipment and even to make sure that it’s working properly. No matter what type of event is going on, everything necessary will be there and there will be plenty of people to help make sure the broadcast goes off without a hitch. That’s important when you’re streaming any kind of sporting event because no one wants to miss out on even a moment of the action. When you’re watching live, and especially when you’re watching from a player’s point of view, even a split second can completely change the game.

Who Can Use It

The truth is, any sports team can use this software and this system. It’s designed for large scale sports like some of the largest football and basketball games or even smaller games and specific athletes. It can be used for traditional style sports, extreme sports, esports and a whole lot more. The idea is that it’s going to revolutionize the market and change the way that people experience sports as a whole. No more watching only a few angles and missing the best part of the show. The fans can now see directly from their favorite fans.

The Iris Token

The recently announced Iris Token is a digital token that aims to revolutionize the experience of avid sports fans across a number of sports. Iris Token will allow fans the ability to see the game from the personal vantage point of their favorite players and immerse themselves in real-time sporting action, with views previously seen only by the players themselves.

With user-controlled vantage points via cameras situated on player jerseys, BRK’s Gen2 technology platform aims to drive the “Iris” experience and allow sports fans to engage with their favorite sports teams and players and see the views the pros see during the game, in practices and in the locker room.

Development of the token is being managed by a crypto professional who manages a cryptocurrency trading desk and has successfully delivered a number of crypto token development projects.

As BRK Gen 2 explained in the announcement, the “cutting-edge Gen2 Iris product lends itself well to business model applications that are strengthened by utility tokenomics. The use of an Iris digital token can help offer new use cases for making sports content more “real” for end-users. The ability of a fan to pay with a token to literally see the practice court or the game from the perspective of their favorite sports star is a compelling proposition. Furthermore, the fact that the financing of this game-changing proposition is on a totally non-dilutive basis for BRK and its shareholders only increases the business rationale of developing and launching this innovative digital token.”

How it Works on the Blockchain

When it comes to using this software there are particular applications that it can be used in as well. For example, BRK Gen 2 can be applied directly into the blockchain. With this type of technology you’re going to have even more opportunities for use and you’re going to see even more potential uses for this type of system. For those who are interested in blockchain and specifically in gold mining and the value chain, this is actually a method through which you will be able to complete different types of tasks and achieve even higher rewards.

BRK Gen2 fixed cameras and “Iris” micro-body cameras will be integrated into the gold mining value chain from the refining process to smelting into coins and to vault storage. The cameras support a gold-backed digital token via enhancing the blockchain’s immutable verification and documentation capability of the value chain underpinning the supply of gold from mine to vault. That means you’re going to have even more capability for those who want to invest in the blockchain and those who are looking for the added security that it provides. The COO and Head of IR for BRK believes that this system and the camera technology will become a strong growth segment throughout the future. There are a number of ways that this process and the mining that comes along with it can be used, and this is all based on how well it does in developing the initial raise.

The Future of BRK Gen 2

There are plenty of different ways that BRK Gen 2 could be used in the future and it seems like it’s something that many different services should be taking a closer look at. In fact, there are many different services that are taking a closer look at the way this system works, especially since you can use small, practically invisible cameras that will record everything that the person wearing it is seeing and doing. That’s going to make it great for just about any form of security.

Security officials, law enforcement, and industrial applications have all been considered and there are specific systems and developments underway that are designed to specifically target these areas. After all, the general system that has already been created provides for basic use and does well when considering its use for the sporting arena, but there’s more to it than that. There’s actually plenty of other opportunities that could be developed and ways that it could become even better targeted toward the security realm and more. It just requires a few changes that seem to be already underway.


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