Dissecting Fantom Crypto Finances With Andre Cronje

Fantom, some time ago, on November 28, 2022, made their decision to transparently disclose their finances. Quoted from the Twitter status of Fantom (FTM) developer Andre Cronje, Fantom has sound finances. Click here (To read articles about FANTOM and who is Andre Cronje)


Article by Andre Cronje includes some history of Fantom (Summary)

  1. Fantom which originally had ETH assets at around $520 worth $40,000,000 then they sold them When the ETH price dropped to $85 with a total asset of $5,000,000 remaining
  2. Fantom must pay exchange registration fees and influencer promotion fees
  3. Then in 2020 Fanton enters Defi and invests in growing Yield farming COMP and SNX
  4. Entering 2021 Fantom selling their tokens to Alameda Venture and Blocktower
  5. Enters 2022 Fantom Refuses more cooperation on Alameda and refuses listing fees on an exchange
  6. Fantom that has lost up to $50,000,000 in assets BOO, CRV, YFI, CVX
  7. In November 2022 of the year. Fantom has total assets of more than 450,000,000 FTM ($108,628,200 worth USD) , Assets of more than $100,000,000 in stable coins, Assets of more than $100,000,000 in crypto assets, $50,000,000 in non-crypto assets. Fantom’s total assets are currently around $616,058,072

Source of Fantom Income

  1. Validators (miners)
  2. Delegator (delegated FTM)
  3. Network fees
  4. Defi

Until now, Fantom has a TVL (Total Value Locked) of around $458,630,000


Total Value Locked is a way to measure the overall health of DeFi / total locked assets. The TVL of $458,630,000 is equivalent to 74% of the total market capital of Fantom $616,058,072. The greater the TVL, the healthier the Defi will be.

TVL comparison for each chain (Novermber, 30, 2022) :

Fantom has almost 4x the TVL of Etherium. $Fantom (FTM)and $Tron (TRX) have the highest total TVL from the data that can be obtained at this time. But too many TVLs cannot be the only measure of Defi’s success. In my opinion, Fantom is one of the underdog chains

Golden words from Andre Cronje

If your entire revenue model sells your tokens, you are hurting yourself, your blockchain, and your backers.
If the defi didn’t exist, we most likely wouldn’t be operating today. I believe the same goes for a lot of companies out there.

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