Discussing bitcoin at the dinner table

It’s Christmas day! 

Whereas we all hope you’re having a day full of festive cheer, it might be safe to say that some of your family members won’t understand what you do for a living, or at least your interests in the crypto space. 

As you stuff your face full of turkey, Yorkshire puddings and Brussels sprouts(?), the topic of bitcoin and cryptocurrency may arise.

By now, many of your family members will be aware of bitcoin and the impact it had in the world three years ago but might ask if it is something that is still relevant. (If the past few weeks are anything to go off, definitely so!)

Your friends and family may also be asking what bitcoin is and what its actual use is. Whereas you know exactly what bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is and how it can be useful in everyday situations, explaining it to your friends and family, especially your parents or grandparents, maybe a task too daunting – even for you.

Saying that Bitcoin is an online currency may just go over the head of your parents and uncle(s) but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Even using the words centralised and decentralised could risk losing the attention of the topic completely, so it is important to try and stay as relevant as possible. 

It could get to the point where you are lost for words and don’t know what to say next. If it gets this bad, load up a video on YouTube and hope for the best. 

Even if this doesn’t work, don’t worry! As long as you’re all having fun on Christmas Day, that’s the main thing!

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