CurPay Brings Real-world Solution to Crypto Market Volatility

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Digital assets have been an eye-opening experience to the financial world, offering a store and growth in value for investor funds. Furthermore, they offer privacy and convenience that most people still wish they could derive from traditional finance. The ability to manage cross-border payments at a finger’s snap and low fees is an additional advantage.

Despite all this, digital assets display terrifying volatility patterns that pose a risk to investors’ funds. For this reason, most people not well-versed in the industry tread carefully to avoid losses. Nonetheless, some blockchain companies are looking for solutions around crypto asset volatility.

CurPay is a crypto trading platform, taking advantage of artificial intelligence technology to reduce crypto asset volatility. Users can utilize its ecosystem to protect themselves from the most prevalent issue in the crypto sector. This article aims to give you an in-depth look into the platform, its features, and its benefits.

CurPay in A Nutshell

CurPay describes itself as an advanced platform still offering a straightforward user experience. Novice traders can benefit gr4eatly from the platform as you require little trading knowledge to participate.

Founded in mid-2021, CurPay’s founders are significant players in IT, gaming, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Ted Hover and Mr. Christian Curtin further indulged for years into Software as a Service, a vital element on their platform.

All trading platforms derive their profits from users’ trades without caring much about their losses. This factor leads to many investors going through shocking losses if they have no clear understanding of the crypto trade. Furthermore, other people are busy and cannot monitor the crypto market price movements and make sound decisions.

CurPay uses its unique patent-pending technology, the Automated Volatility Protection (AVP), an advanced pathway built as an AI. It monitors the crypto markets, surveying the conditions of every asset to profit users in their trade. Additionally, it can perform instant trade while avoiding market volatility.

A point worth stressing is that the AVP is not a trading bot but rather an innovative AI trading aid. Most people confuse artificial intelligent assistants with trading bots. However, let us get into some of the differences you should know between Ais and trading bots to help you understand CurPay better.

The Contrast between the AVP AI and Trading Bots

While both technologies follow automation principles, their task execution differs greatly. Firstly, trading bots follow a trader’s set of rules to perform trades in their stead. Moreover, it can send signals to the trader if the market conditions suit the trader’s expectations.

On the other hand, AIs can learn and evolve from the data they receive and interpret. You can recognize the difference in the performance of AIs like Siri and Alexa. The more interactions they have with humans, the better their advancements.

In that case, CurPay’s AVP has a contrast to normal crypto trading bots. As other AIs, it continues to learn even from your trading activity, unlike trading bots which cannot perform beyond their set programming.

The AVP’s design helps it to execute massive amounts of information while trading bots cannot. It can also apply complex trading options while trading bots maintain simple algorithms as per the trader’s knowledge.

Trading bots need a new program for every market condition and pair. Notwithstanding, the AVP solves this issue, currently managing over 566 trading pairs, assessing historical data and current market data. Lastly yet importantly, the AVP’s improvements transcend beyond human limitations, surpassing Investor Psychology Cycle.

How Investors Can Benefit from CurPay’s AVP

Most advanced trading platforms have navigation as an issue as it only suits experienced traders. CurPay is coming in to increase convenience through its comfortable user interface, reliable for all customers. Moreover, it holds customer support on high standards, ensuring its users receive 24/7 customer service.

Security is also a vital part of the ecosystem, protecting user accounts from any malicious breach. Despite this factor, it encourages users to use 2-factor authentication for an additional protection layer to their assets. All the same, the trading platform invests in the encryption of personal user information, passwords, and API keys.

Additional advantages you can derive from the platform include:

  • It has a wide range of trading pairs, giving users a wide scope to work with during trade. Notably, it also supports other securities as favored by users.
  • Its CurPay Merchant and CurPay Trader have support on notable crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Gemini, Bitso, Coinsquare, and Coinbase Pro. CurPay Trader connects the AVP to a user’s wallet, while CurPay Merchant is an online payment system that links a trader to their preferred exchange.
  • It employs advanced market indicators including Bollinger bands, VWAP, MACD, to mention but a few.
  • It includes exchange wallet protection services that defend the wallet from market volatility. However, the AVP can still take advantage of the conditions to make profits.
  • It engages a dynamic volatility protection feature for crypto deposit trade when the market volatility suits the highest profits.
  • A standard volatility protection feature instantly trades a trader’s crypto deposit to their favored fiat currency or stablecoin.
  • The volatility protect mode is a feature that trades a user’s crypto deposit only when preset market conditions occur.

Utilizing the AVP for Money Management Options

The last advantage not listed above is that the platform provides money managing strategies, which further alleviate risk. The AVP will surpass the emotional limitations of humans while maintaining a caution level to avoid losses. Depending on the market conditions, here are the money managing tactics you can explore on the platform through the AVP. Note that all trades will be according to a user’s wallet balance.

  • The Buy/Sell scheme
  • Buy/Buy/Sell scheme
  • Buy All/Sell All
  • Sell Only
  • Buy Only
  • Protect Only

An Evolving Project

CurPay is still in its early stages in the cryptocurrency industry but presenting practical solutions to volatility. Furthermore, its AI is on a pathway to more learning and interactions with users, standing to make it more powerful.

Considering the great advancements in software and computer technology, there will be better ways to improve AI in no time. Meanwhile, traders can take advantage of its ecosystem to protect their assets, wallets and derive profitability from the markets.

The future holds great potential for the project as an eyeopener for others in providing real-world use cases in finance. Lastly, it is the beginning of eliminating human error through technology, a transcendence set for the foreseeable future.

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