CryptoLocally Announces The Start Of The GIV Bonding Curve Distribution Event

Cryptocurrency trading and DeFi platform CryptoLocally has announced the schedule for the bonding curve distribution event for their token, GIV. The event starts at 1PM UTC, 9PM HKT, 9AM EDT on Tuesday September 29th 2020 and will last for 48 hours or until the total GIV allocated has been claimed. The hard cap is set at 30 million GIV tokens (3% of the total supply) minus the whitelist allocation of approximately 1.5 million tokens. The initial token price is set at 0.0065 USDC/GIV. USDC will be the accepted currency.

It is suggested that you follow the guide to set up your wallet and load your funds early on. Then when the interface becomes available at 1PM UTC on September 29th you will be able to deposit your funds and submit orders.

Why Cryptocurrency?

It’s a good idea to diversify your investments and put your money in different places, especially in the worldwide downturn we are currently experiencing due to the pandemic. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are still relatively new and are poised for growth. Many people familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology believe that it’s only a matter of time before everyone is using them and governments all over the world have developed their own digital currencies. We are already starting to see this take place in some countries.

Due to the fact that the crypto space is likely to continue to grow and become a regular part of the lives of more and more individuals and governments around the world, investing in them as early as possible will ensure that you benefit when mass adoption takes place and your crypto assets grow in value.

What is GIV?

GIV is the native token of CryptoLocally. CryptoLocally is a P2P cryptocurrency trading platform that uses a smart contract escrow system to add security to transactions. The platform is designed to be easy to use, so both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders can successfully complete trades quickly and inexpensively in a process that only includes a few steps.

The CryptoLocally / GIV team recently added a DeFi feature, so users of the platform can now earn interest on their crypto assets and trade them all in one place. The barrier to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance has always been that they are not accessible to most people. The CryptoLocally / GIV team has developed a platform that can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge and understanding of this industry. DeFi remains one of the best avenues for providing financial services to the 1.7 billion people who have no access to traditional banking, but most DeFi projects have not developed platforms that are compatible with mass adoption and the technology that could greatly improve lives has remained unobtainable for many. CryptoLocally’s platform can finally bring DeFi to the masses and help put an end to financial exclusion.

Users of CryptoLocally’s trading platform can earn GIV for every completed trade and use it to purchase benefits on the trading platform. In the near future, GIVernance will give the community of users greater control over decisions made regarding the CryptoLocally platform via their GIV holdings.

By participating in the bonding curve distribution event, those who invest will be investing in the first P2P exchange to implement a DeFi feature, and a company that is dedicated to making financial services accessible to everyone.

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