CoinBitco — A Fast, Secure, and Easy-to-Use Cryptocurrency Platform

CoinBitco — A Fast, Secure, and Easy-to-Use Cryptocurrency Platform

CoinBitco is a relatively new project that seeks to provide traders worldwide with a simple and reliable solution. While most cryptocurrency platforms require some level of knowledge and experience for traders to enjoy their offerings, CoinBitco is an all-in-one solution for traders of all skills and trade volumes.

Despite the massive amount of information and analytics available on cryptocurrencies, many people are still intimidated about how and where to begin in the world of these digital assets. CoinBitco is an ideal alternative for anyone in the crypto space as it comes with several unique features and offerings to guarantee a seamless trading experience.

About CoinBitco

As stated on the website, CoinBitco is a safe cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to buy, store, sell, and earn interest by staking PancakeSwap and Ethereum 2.0. The platform seeks to usher in the ‘crypto 2.0’ generation, which may help improve global finance, increase disposable income, enhance corporate investment in the crypto space, and eventually improve the living standards of billions of people across the globe.

Unique Features

CoinBitco offers users a wide range of unique features, making it an attractive option for different users trading in the cryptocurrency space. Among the unique features of this platform include:

  • Enables users to trade fiat currencies and crypto in real time via web and mobile devices
  • Allows deposits and withdrawals of crypto and fiat money through bank transfers
  • Features a simple to use and intuitive user interface
  • Modern UX design with a simple layout
  • Comprehensive dashboard with a wide range of information to help users navigate through their spot and funding accounts
  • Quick access to the platform’s trading functionality via the dashboard
  • Hyper-secure platform with world-class security features comparable to no other cryptocurrency platform
  • Flexible and transparent CoinBitco account infrastructure to meet the unique needs of each user
  • Super-fast transaction speeds with automated deposit and withdrawal functionality

Why Choose CoinBitco

With more than $400 million in traded volume, over 65 digital currencies, and support from more than 98 countries, CoinBitco is becoming immensely popular in the crypto world. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Top-Tier Security Features

The platform utilizes a modular hybrid centralized-distributed platform that provides comprehensive disaster recovery and system failover to protect the platform from internal and external security threats. CoinBitco also combines the latest and most innovative security protocols, backed by a highly skilled security team, to ensure everything functions properly.

Furthermore, the majority of the crypto assets on the platform are stored in CoinBitco’s offline and air-gapped cold storage system. Only a small percentage of user assets are stored in the platform’s online hot wallet, which is also protected against various forms of losses with the help of high-grade security technology.

2. Guaranteed Account Security

Upon creating an account on CoinBitco, users must fill in a KYC form and set up two-factor authentication to guarantee their account security. As a result, every time they make a withdrawal or log in to their CoinBitco accounts, they have to enter the two-factor authentication to verify their identity.

3. Ability to Earn

Stablecoins are digital assets pegged to fiat money to reduce cryptocurrency price fluctuation while maintaining bitcoin’s use and convenience. Stablecoins, such as Pancakeswap and Ethereum 2.0, is supported by Coinbitco Earn, allowing users on the platform to hold and earn staking rewards. Note that the platform will soon add more of these crypto assets to their CoinBitco Earn portfolio.

4. Multiple Trading Options

CoinBitco allows its users to trade on multiple trading fronts depending on their needs and experience level. The available trading options are margin, spot, futures, over-the-counter, and perpetual contracts.

5. Innovative Crypto Wallet Offerings

The Coinbitco DApp wallet is a non-custodial wallet that transforms private keys into mnemonic phrases only known by the account holders. The wallet offers native support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens in addition to multi-coin support. It also enables the smooth integration of tokens and other currencies and works with Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS.

The wallet also comes with a built-in QR code scanner that enables users to automatically scan wallet addresses to facilitate “one click” cryptocurrency exchanges. It also has a real-time swapping feature, which allows wallet users to swiftly and easily switch out one cryptocurrency asset for another without restrictions and without the need for fiat money as a middleman. OTC (Over-the-Counter) trading allows two wallet users to exchange digital assets. The transactions are carried out very quickly and under maximum security.

CoinBitco Roadmap

The following are some of the developmental stages that the CoinBitco founding team aims to accomplish in the future:

  • The developers aim to create a functionality that enables users to make deposits and withdrawals using their bank cards
  • They also aim to add stablecoins to the platform’s marketplace
  • The developers also look forward to adding a stop order button on the marketplace
  • Create CoinBitco coins and circulate them among their users
  • Add DEFI and NFT projects

Final Thoughts

Since its launch, CoinBitco has proved to be the best alternative for versatile crypto users. This platform is constantly growing in popularity by helping a wide range of crypto enthusiasts buy, sell, store, and earn interest on the platform. We are excited to see how this platform will grow and cater to the next generation of crypto, also dubbed the crypto 2.0 generation.





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