Chatex: The Simplest Way To Buy Cryptocurrency

At the beginning of the crypto path, most investors find it difficult to make their first cryptocurrency purchase. Many services are user-unfriendly and offer limited and unclear functionality that discourages them. But what if we tell you that there is a way to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via a couple of clicks using your favorite messenger app?

It is Chatex, a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange on Telegram that allows users to store, buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrency with minimum effort.

Chatex Functionality

The exchange includes the p2p (peer-to-peer) marketplace that enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies right away and make profits based on the rate fluctuation. Anyone, who has a Telegram account, can start investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies within minutes using the Chatex platform.

Chatex pays due attention to users’ anonymity and safety. The service offers the verification process, but it is quick and can be skipped. All the answers related to the verification process can be found in the video guide.

Although being integrated in the messenger, it supports 10 cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, ETH, USDT, LTC, BCH, BTG, DASH, TRX, and TON Crystal) and all the possible payment methods.

On Chatex, a user can instantly and securely exchange/buy or sell any cryptocurrency for INR using favorite payment methods such as UPI, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Phonepe, IMPS. Noteworthy, buyers on the marketplace are charged with 0% fee while the transfers within the system are carried out instantly.

Users just need to go to the [Exchange] section and select the [Buy] or [Sell] option, choose the cryptocurrency and payment currency (USD, INR, etc), select the payment method and the best ad according to your needs and start a deal.

Chatex has a loyalty program. The more trading volume you reach, the less fee you pay. The deal fees (charged from the sellers only) are the following:

Crypto-to-crypto: 0.15%;


BTC: 0.7% (The next level — 0.65%);

USDT: 0;

Other coins: 0.7%.

Chatex Wallet

Users can transfer cryptocurrencies to their relatives, friends and colleagues on Chatex instantly and with 0% fee using the registered username, the phone number, or the QR code. All one has to do is to go to the [Wallet] -> [Transfer] section, select the cryptocurrency, and specify the recipient’s phone number or Chatex username or wallet address to complete the transaction.

The transfers to external wallets are charged with fees. However, they are still one of the lowest on the cryptocurrency exchange market:

BTC: 0.0002 and 0.0004 (FAST)

LTC: 0.01

XRP: 0.02

BCH: 0.001

BTG: 0.001

DASH: 0.01

ETH: 0.01

TRX: 4



Recent activity

Chatex has recently expanded to the Indian region to offer locals an unprecedentedly fair ecosystem for using cryptocurrency. The expansion has become a part of its partnership with the Free TON community. After the Russian programmer and concurrently a CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, failed to launch the TON blockchain due to the US harsh regulations, other developers and enthusiasts decided to keep the case alive. Eventually, the Free TON network and its native cryptocurrency TON Crystal were introduced and thus became a reboot of Durov’s TON project.

As of now, more than 8,400 individuals and companies have already signed the Declaration of Decentralization and entered the partnership with the Free TON community. As the number of people involved grows, Chatex, by the way, the world’s first exchange to partner the community, continues to spread the word about TON Crystal around the world.

According to the terms of the partnership, Chatex received 450 000 TON Crystal. Michael Ross-Johnson, a CEO of Chatex, has unveiled the plans and explained why Chatex had chosen the TON Crystal and specifically India to expand:

“We have big plans for integrating the TON ecosystem in Chatex. We are sure that the integration will help Indians experience equality and financial transparency, in its purest form and in the most secure messenger in the world — Telegram”

Details of the partnership

Today Chatex follows 3 key strategies of promoting TON Crystal to users worldwide. These are the following:

1. 350 000 TON Crystal were for the commercial campaign in India and other countries. According to the campaign, every new user from India after registering with Chatex will get 3 TON Crystal to the Chatex wallet as a deposit bonus.

2. Cashback program for users. Those, who will buy $100 or more worth of crypto on Chatex, will receive 1 TON Crystal as cashback.

3. Trader reward program. Traders, whose trading volume will exceed $10 000 per month, will receive 100 TON Crystals as a reward.

Drawing a line

Chatex has become one of those crypto services that were able to find a middle ground — it offers extensive functionality and follows social-oriented policy but does not neglect user-friendliness. Now, the service moves to India, and all we would like to tell Indians is to be prepared for a new financial revolution.

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