Charges Against Binance for Money Laundering

Binance, as one of the largest crypto exchanges, is currently being attacked by various parties, the case that Binance is facing at this time has put Binance on the edge. One of the published websites of The Routers (Trusted publisher) released their news about the BINANCE issue.

December 12, there was a part between US Division of Equity prosecutors who affirmed the conclusion of a long-term criminal examination into the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trade Binance. The examination started in 2018 and centered on Binance’s compliance with US anti-money laundry laws and sanctions.

About half a dozen government prosecutors included in the case, except that the proof that has been assembled empowers forceful activity against the cash and brought criminal charges against person officials counting originator Changpeng Zhao. Prosecution of Binance as a criminal will wreak devastation on a crypto advertise that’s, as of now, in a drawn-out decrease.

The charge is :

unauthorized remittance

money washing conspiracy,

violation of criminal sanctions

From The Reuters Binance examination in 2020 into monetary wrongdoing compliance. The report appears that Binance keeps up frail anti-money washing controls, forms more than $10 billion in installments to offenders and companies looking for to sidestep US government investigation, and plans to outwit controllers within the Joined together States. In my opinion, the function of crypto is free and not bound by any party.


On the Binance twitter, the team stated that Reuters made the wrong accusations. Binance tries to explain. This FUD news came around the same time when SBF was arrested in the Bahamas.

FUD’s impact on money laundering by Binance led to a massive drawdown today. Even though today’s big drawdown deals are above the usual drawdown average but still can’t shake binance to the extreme.

Binance will have to face accusations launched by the US government and possibly friends of Sam Bankman-Fried.


Some of the impacts of this FUD are causing withdrawal delays on the Binance services that support the FUD. Hopefully, Binance can get past this FUD. I feel the bottom is near and the time to shine.

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