Chainlink’s Contribution to other Blockchains!


Chainlink has been collaborating with a bunch of projects to display its utility and efficacy. The ability of Oracles to provide unbiased data from external sources has been a major selling point of Chainlink.


Chainlink to support OVR’s treasure hunt!

Chainlink’s ability to gather external sources of data has been proven to be quite useful for OVR’s treasure hunt for 15k OVR tokens, in particular, Chainlink’s (VRF) Verifiable Randomness Function to choose a lucky winner of these tokens in an unbiased manner from the 1.6 trillion virtual OVRLand tokens that are spread out across the globe. The VRF operates by taking block data that is unknown with the oracle node’s pre-committed private key to generate a random number along with cryptographic proof. However, this random number is only accepted by OVR’s smart contract if the cryptographic proof has not been altered. This is only a small glance at the more vast 50k grant for OVRLand buyers. OVR is looking for a way to give back to their community in a way that doesn’t compromise their trust by letting the participants verify the results and make sure there are no external factors at play.

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Changing the Blockchain Ecosystem with OVR!


Protofire to natively integrate Chainlink with Celo as a grant!

Chainlink has come with a way to give back to its community with the launch of the Chainlink Community Grant Program to new smart contract applications looking to expand their services and provide them with appropriate resources. This is just scratching the surface when it comes to offering grants for people who are part of the Chainlink ecosystem. It has offered such grants to esteemed organizations like UNICEF, Linkpool, Chainsafe, Gorm, and many more. Protofire has been recently awarded to integrate Chainlink with Celo. Celo is described as a mobile-first blockchain platform with a robust global payments infrastructure. Celo operates on the proof of stake protocol along with being an EVM-compatible blockchain aimed at facilitating people globally, to get access to crypto/financial services and send money to phone numbers. Chainlink will help in sharing accurate and timely Price Feeds or decentralized oracle networks that feed DApps with valuable data. This will be relevant in additional ways including asset management, remittances, lending, along with other broader applications.

Tokamak utilizes Chainlink’s oracles!

Tokamak aims to make to get the best of both worlds by implementing Chainlink decentralized oracles along with its VRF(Verifiable Randomness Function) to fuel DApps with appropriate data and provable randomness. Tokamak is an Ethereum Layer 2 platform that hopes to be a workshop, where highly scalable and interoperable DApps are built. Chainlink’s great track record motivated Tokamak to choose them as an appropriate partner for this venture. It has also integrated with platforms that utilize Layer 2 in the past and provided reliable data during periods of volatility in the market.

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