Bitcoin vs. COVID-19

By Dr. Chris Kacher of Hanse Digital Access, KJA Digital Asset Investments and Virtue of Selfish Investing on The Capital

From The State:

To all Earthlings, thank you for participating in the beta test for AI systems and facial recognition. We can tell on whom the propaganda works, and on whom it doesn’t.

George Orwell’s doublespeak is alive and well when it comes to the coronavirus:

=It’s not a quarantine, it’s a house arrest.

=It’s not safer at home when people need fresh air instead of breathing in their own bodily waste.

=Social distancing is not social at all but forced isolation.

=It’s not for the greater good when you ruin people’s livelihoods and lives from the economic lockdown.

I make some other points HERE.

Contradictions? Of course:

Last year 1.5 mil people died of tuberculosis. Why weren’t masks worn then? There was no tuberculosis pandemic.

If you violate the stay-at-home order, you’ll get arrested. But we will let convicted criminals out of prison so they don't get coronavirus.

In a typical year, around 60 mil people in total die from various causes.

If the virus is so deadly, why hasn’t it wiped out the homeless who don't social distance or wash themselves regularly?

We shut down millions of small businesses but won't lay off any gov’t employees.

Faulty virus models, 81% false positives, staged hospital overruns, inaccurate news reporting, manipulated death certificates, all part of the new norm.


The corona lockdown economically touches everyone so governments must provide incentives to companies to keep them going. In 2008, the govt took leverage off its balance sheet. For many yrs, we would have had a negative GDP if the govt didn't issue record levels of debt, plunging the planet into the lowest rates of interest in 5000 years and the largest levels of debt. The sovereign debt bubble is alive and well. Most of the printed money was not put towards R&D which would have added value, but instead, artificially used to prop up stock prices, further enriching the well off. Populism, the difference between the haves and have nots, has never been greater. Expect growing levels of social unrest.

Meanwhile, bitcoin’s killer app is the ability to borderless transacts value, out of the hands of state governments. This is why $1 invested in bitcoin in 2009 is worth nearly $10,000,000 today. Nothing in the history of speculation even comes close. Bitcoin is a statement against The State.

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