Bitcoin Then & Now

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Hodler vs Speculator

Market speculators are declining in numbers and hodlers are rising. The HSI (hodler vs speculator index) consists of measuring movement/activity from Bitcoin addresses. By getting an impression of how network participants are utilizing BTC, we can have market sentiment as a result.

Hodler addresses are those that have not made any movement in the past 1 to 3 years, a speculator address is one that has had activity in the past 90 days. Today’s current HIS is showing similar figures to those of the years 2016 & 2017, showing a promising future for Bitcoin.

Signs of Strength

The strength of Bitcoin has yet to die out, even with a volatile past 12 months mainly due to the market reacting to the Corona pandemic. The Bitcoin blockchain ledger shows that there has never been a higher level of individuals owning Bitcoin for more than one year than today. This is a strong sign that owners are keen on holding BTC as an investment and not sell or trade it.

Social Media’s Role

Social media hype was speculated to play quite the roll in Bitcoin’s bull run to all-time highs in late 2017. Certain statistics and metrics are giving numbers that show BTC is in a similar place to when it took off and passed $20,000 per coin. Adding support to Bitcoin’s current position for an uprising movement.

Measurements based on Sentiment for Bitcoin on social media are surprisingly at a two year low. This is recorded by taking the overall volume of Bitcoin mentions withing the crypto community on Twitter and compares the negative vs. the positive commentary.


Despite the high levels of volatility, Bitcoin investors are holding their assets firmly, rather than trading. Demonstrating that the demand to hold Bitcoin as a store of value is increasing and healthy. Which is ultimately the goal of Bitcoin, to become a world-wide store of value for everyone and anyone. Get your first Bitcoin here!

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