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Revolutionizing Blockchain for a Safer ICO

We are CryptoProfile.

We started out in June 2016. We are building our Crypto Community, guiding our groups to trade and teaching them about the different tokens through our own website www.cryptoprofile.com. It is similar to CoinMarketcap, but we chose to use layman terms to help out newbies as they progress to become professionals.

Our Crypto Community has grown to a size of more than 2.6 million people. With community groups and their leaders on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as our writers and bloggers who support us on social media platforms, we are not stopping at 2.6M and are still growing.

Due to the recent ban from Facebook, Twitter, Google and other platforms, we realize that there will be a challenge in marketing new ICOs, as well as reaching real crypto investors and gaining community support on value projects.

Our Team

The incredible minds behind CryptoProfile.

Max Ng

Managing Director

Jaclyn Lim

Deputy Managing Director

Alan Lew

Chief Technical Officer

Kevin Lew

Digital Marketing Director

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Jane Doe Stay-at-home mother

CryptoProfile introduced me to the cryptocurrency world and they have one of the best service. Owners were nice and the info provided is very useful for a beginner like me.

John Doe Professional Finance Advisor

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James Doe Freelancer

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    Partners & Clients

    CryptoProfile's honorable partners and clients

    Black Phoenix Capital

    Black Phoenix Capital is a leading force in the capital markets industry, they work with companies throughout the world.

    Block Live Asia

    Block Live Asia is a lifestyle blockchain festival that is focused on interactively educating the public on blockchain technology.


    OEX provides digital assets and derivatives trading services such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to users around the world with "high experience, high security."

    Institute of Blockchain

    Institute of Blockchain® Ltd (IBS) is a non-profit blockchain school with the primary focus on advancement & delivering blockchain education, certification and blockchain research.


    CoinAdvice is an independent information and services group envisioned to be one of the most revealing & leading news home covering cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized applications.


    DigiFinex is a world leading digital assets trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. I

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