A ZeroHybrid Network Review: Revolutionizing Computing through AMR

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The Internet has been a gateway to the most remarkable advancements this world is continuing to experience. From streamlining communication to the accessibility of all kinds of information, the Internet has seamlessly increased what people can derive from technology. Web 2.0 presented social media content creators with efficient platforms to share their content.

Presenting an evolution of the Internet’s web 1.0, sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., rose to fame. Currently, Facebook is the most widely-used platform with over 3 billion users worldwide. However, the web 2.0 era did not come without its issues. For those who have tasted the fruits of decentralization, the lack of privacy, increased censorship, exposure to cyber-attacks are among the few things that cannot go unnoticed in web 2.0.

Blockchain platforms offering decentralized cloud computing solutions hope to redeem the Internet and create better opportunities for interaction. ZeroHybrid is one of the newer projects in the blockchain industry, presenting real-world solutions for its clientele. Without further ado, let us look at the platform, its features, and what it has to offer the blockchain community — likewise, a glimpse on whether its competitor can match up to the challenge.

What is the ZeroHybrid Network?

ZeroHybrid Network is the first computing platform running on ARM architecture. Furthermore, it incorporates TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) to increase trust and privacy on its platform. It aims to provide private computing services on blockchains as well as its computing network worldwide. Notably, the team behind the ZeroHybrid network is well-rounded in finance and the blockchain sector.

ZeroHybrid is taking full advantage of blockchain technology for a decentralized experience on its platform. Additionally, it recognizes the steps blockchain is taking in becoming the basis of future technology. Using SUBSTRATE, the platform connects all computing-capable devices globally to form a trusted computing network.

In its opinion, it is the much-needed change to boost web 3.0 to the next level. Considering the widespread distribution of devices utilizing ARM chipsets, it can effectively integrate TEE to suit its objectives. Also, it is ready to exploit the hardware power on its computing network without worries of software alteration.

Changing the Dynamics of Computing

The entire ZeroHybrid design stands out from other blockchains due to several reasons:

  • Hybrid Architecture

While most blockchain mining activities are limited to powerful PCs, ZeroHybrid aims to provide a more comprehensive approach. The ARM design allows more mobile devices combined with computers and servers to perform computing tasks; hence, its hybrid nature. In this case, it can derive more computational power while incentivizing the same through token rewards. This hybrid nature is a step towards achieving true decentralization as more users contribute to its endgame.

  • The Proof of Activity Consensus Algorithm

ZeroHybrid’s hybrid nature extends to its consensus algorithm, where it employs the Proof of Activity algorithm. It combines both PoW and PoS consensus algorithms to bring out a better version that is better-secured from attacks. Overall, the platform elects a leader who mines the most recent block. The election depends on a miner’s VCU capabilities, exploiting the verifiability of proof.

  • TEE-based Chipsets

As mentioned earlier, TEE is a significant booster of privacy on many devices. It has additional features, including secure multi-party computing, zero-knowledge proof, end-to-end encryption, to mention but a few. These features increase the platform’s reliability, protecting user identity, and preventing viruses on the ZeroHybrid system.

Changes TEE Can Bring About

There is a wide scope of usability TEE offers in various situations involving software. In this case, ZeroHybrid has an objective to expand the services they can offer through the same. Here are a few examples of where TEE can come in handy:

  • Managing digital rights

ZeroHybrid believes in exploiting TEE to give users digital rights management. It means that clients can leverage its ecosystem to ensure they protect their digital content rights. Therefore, it will limit what changes other parties can make to your content. Authentication also comes into play, infiltrating sectors such as music, art, writing, photography, to mention but a few.

  • Protecting systems from malware

The fact that TEE prevents unauthenticated parties from changing code or data stores in a system is an excellent way of preventing cyber-attacks. Utilizing the ZeroHybrid network will ensure that users are safe from malware or any viruses that could compromise their data. Furthermore, outside parties cannot use spyware, protecting the identity and activities of users.

  • Identity authentication

There are many ways arising to prove user identity in different sectors, starting with the most basic: mobile devices. Biometric authentication is increasing in popularity, introducing facial, sound, fingerprint recognition, and others.This factor is favorable in preventing identity theft, which is a rising issue in this digital era.

Providing Real-world Solutions for Blockchains

ZeroHybrid is expanding the capabilities of its network to provide solutions to pressing issues on traditional blockchains.

  1. High efficiency, low costs

First, its smart contracts are independent of the consensus algorithm executed by TEE. This feature ensures that smart contracts execution lies with private computing power. Since one TEE only handles one smart contract execution, the platform can sustain a series of executions parallel to each other. Moreover, this encourages off-chain smart contract handling, considerably lowering gas prices and increasing the chain’s reliability.

ZeroHybrid realizes that most of the computing on its network will be on-chain. This factor would cripple the platform’s efficiency for most blockchains due to congestion, high costs, and slow transaction speeds. However, ZeroHybrid hopes to provide seamless services to its users through the PoA consensus algorithm.

  1. Revamped blockchain security

The platform targets its audience for trusted storage resources. ZeroHybrid assures its users that data privacy and protection are of utmost vitality to its ecosystem. TEE will play a crucial role in ensuring impregnable encryption that prevents any tampering with its software.

ZeroHybrid further believes that ARM chips are the future of the Internet. In its opinion, they increase the flexibility on the chain while increasing the functionality of TEE. Combined with blockchain immutability, every node in its computing system is safe from malicious actors.

  1. Unbiased participation

Blockchain in itself stands for decentralization of systems, with nodes globally contributing to a network. ZeroHybrid is a step further into authentic decentralization as it allows anyone with a computing device to participate; this is unlike traditional blockchains which demand nodes with great computing power to contribute to their ecosystem. Its idea to involve mobile devices is a way to reduce discrimination of those who provide computing power.

ZeroHybrid Tokenomics

The native token of the ZeroHybrid Network is the ZHT token with an initial supply of 1 billion coins. Here is a breakdown of the token’s distribution:

  • ZeroHybrid miners- 52%
  • Ecological construction- 20% (LPO- 5%, Market operations- 5%, ecological reward- 7%, airdrops- 3%)
  • Institutional private placement- 20%
  • Team- 5%
  • Project consultant- 3%

The token will be the payment mode for transactions on the platform. Additionally, the platform will acquire computing resources using the token, including on-chain data storage and on-chain resources. It will act as a governance coin giving the holder governance and voting rights.

The project recently rounded up its seed round under the support of various partners, including BlockSync, YBB Foundation, Vega Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, to mention but a few.

ZeroHybrid vs. Aelf

Aelf is a relatively new project catching the eye of many in the crypto world. Additionally, its token, ELF, has been gaining massively as the project implements more upgrades to its system. Cloud computing functioning is dependent on artificial intelligence to provide its users with real-world use cases.

Aelf believes in its users’ democracy, dedicating a considerable part of its ecosystem to governance. Furthermore, its cross-chain interoperability gives developers an extensive network to deploy their dApps.

Nonetheless, aelf and ZeroHybrid have a few differences; here are some of their comparisons and contrasts:

  • While ZeroHybrid is ARM-based, aelf stands as an AI-based platform.
  • Both projects are working towards a more futuristic web 3.0. However, ZeroHybrid depends on the connectivity of computing-capable devices worldwide while aelf focuses more on blockchain interoperability through sidechains.
  • Aelf integrates an oracle that ensures efficient communication between chains.
  • ZeroHybrid works on the PoA consensus algorithm while aelf depends on AEDPoS.
  • Both their architectures support a high blockchain performance hence, standing as scalable networks.
  • Both projects are hoping for a booming experience with the DeFi sector while expanding different web 3.0 applications.
  • Both projects are incentivizing mining for users and encouraging their token ownership for governance and voting rights.

The projects seem to have a lot in common at the base of their objectives. However, notable differences appear in the structural side of their architecture. All the same, both are competitive projects in the market that most are watching out for in the near future.

Join the ZeroHybrid Community Today

ZeroHybrid’s primary focus is on solving problems arising within blockchains today. While working towards viable partnerships with different entities in the market, the platform hopes to provide services for other blockchains. More incentives will ensure that the project’s fame spreads globally, inviting more users to its platform.

ZeroHybrid is further targeting straightforward user experience on its platform to make full use of the 4 billion+ mobile devices worldwide. The TEE is a feature that will establish trust and a sense of safety among its users.

Eventually, it hopes to be the key to the revolution of web 3.0 to become a leading blockchain in the industry. Please make sure that you do not miss out on this exciting project by joining its community on Telegram for more information on the way forward.

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