30 Crypto Lingo and Terms

A general list of cryptocurrency lingo & terms that are being used within the crypto community.

  1. Address. Is the address of your crypto wallet where users can send and receive crypto. Please don’t get rekt sending coins to scam my addresses!
  2. Altcoin. It’s a short form for an alternative coin. Any other coin that is not bitcoin.
  3. ATH. All-time high baby. It’s when the price breaks the previous high.
  4. Whale. Someone who owns a lot of cryptocurrencies that could pump and dump the market.
  5. Bag Holder. Some who hold a large percentage of their holdings in a certain cryptocurrency.
  6. Bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency that started all of this.
  7. Bearish. Expecting the price to go down.
  8. Bullish. Expecting the price to go up.
  9. Blockchain. Is an open public digital ledger. Chain record of information. This is the base idea that underpins cryptocurrency to be distributed but not copied.
  10. Fiat. Conventional currency issued by a government.
  11. Flippening. An event whereby a coin takes over another coin position in terms of market capitalization.
  12. FOMO. Is a short form for fear of missing out. An overwhelming emotional need to buy a coin when the price starts to make large green candles.
  13. Fork. A change in the cryptocurrency protocol. There are soft and hard fork. A hard fork would create a new chain of blocks.
  14. Genesis block. The first block mined in a blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto.
  15. Darth Maul candle. When the price flashes up and down creating a Long wick on TOP and bottom of the candle. This happens when the longs and shorts and being liquidated and squeezed dry by the market makers.
  16. DeFi. is a short form for decentralized finance. Decentralized finance is an alternative to conventional finance whereby it is not controlled by an organization or the government.
  17. FOMO. A short form for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Crypto disbelievers always spread rumors and fud to bring down cryptocurrency.
  18. Halving. Is an event where the block rewards given to miners are cut in half. The event occurs every 210,000 blocks.
  19. HODL. A short form for hold on for dear life. Most crypto Traders say this to keep calm and hold the coin that is in the loss until the day price goes back up who knows when.
  20. ICO. A short form for initial coin offering. The first time an organization offers a coin to the public in an effort to crowdfund The project/ white paper.
  21. Lightning network. it is a second layer technology that sits on TOP of blockchain to facilitate fast peer to peer transaction.
  22. Mining. It’s a process of verifying transactions where the miners are rewarded in blocks of coins.
  23. Rekt. It’s a misspelling of wrecked. My wife got her trading account rekt numerous times bag holding altcoin during bitcoin dominance rally.
  24. SL. A short form for stop loss. Please trade safe, always have a stop loss in place.
  25. Shill. Someone that promotes coins because they are bag holding it or being paid to do so. There are so many shillers especially YouTube influencers, be careful and do your own research and TA.
  26. Sh*t coin. Refer to Vapourware
  27. TA. Is a short form for technical analysis. The act analyzing past price action to forecast future past direction.
  28. To the moon. When A coin keeps going up and up during a bull rally.
  29. Vapourware. A coin built up purely based on the hype with no real value or technology to back it up. don’t invest in these coins. BSV and BCH, I’m sure both you know very well what I’m talking about.
  30. White paper. A document that shows comprehensive information of the cryptocurrency.



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